new moon in gemini—givin’ that side-eye shade—june 16th

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Eleventh House Luminaries

Mikalojus_Konstantinas_Ciurlionis_-_FORTRESS_-_1904_-_5_VarsuvaToday is the New Moon in Gemini at 25°. Mars is conjunct the luminary duo; Jupiter and Uranus move to exact their trine; Saturn sits at 29°.

It all goes down a couple of hours from now. Waning turns to waxing. We begin anew.

Yes, lovely, BUT has anyone but me noticed how stingy some have been the month of Gemini?

Not about money—I’m talking about with doling out human interaction. I have noticed example upon example of people who simply can’t be bothered to even acknowledge others, much less engage in a caring manner. Not aggressive mean, just choosing to turn a blind eye and simply ignore.

Just miserly and vacant. Social snubs of the highest order.

All over the place—for weeks now!

This is out of the ordinary behavior and I can pinpoint only that is coincides with the Sun being in the third sign. Do the Twins have…

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