2015 Gemini New Moon

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June 16, 2015
25 Gemini 7
7:05 AM PDT / 10:05 EDT / 2:05 GMT

The Gemini New Moon moves our mental faculties into a new gear. The fog of the past few weeks is not so much lifting as becoming more manageable. Confusion and snafus may still be part of the picture — the planet of illusion is still having its way — but thinking feels clearer and more resolved. What’s more, all eyes are on the future — and there’s no turning back.

Part of the comfort comes from the ruler of the Gemini New Moon, Mercury, being in his home sign. He’s traveling, for the time being, in a demanding aspect to Neptune that is tied to illusion — uncovering it, whipping it up and, in some instances, dispelling it. This formula can short-circuit rational thinking. Resorting to, and relying on, faith, hunches and guidance is the…

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