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Christmas Drink

FRIDAY JUNE 12, 2015

~ TGIF as Neptune stations Rx, making today’s Happy Hour either Happy or a Pity Party. Lets blow out of proportion all things Neptune. Just Kidding, but mind you, there will be folks doing just that. Neptune energy is Magic or Madness and varying degrees in between. Yep, its like the Universe pulls out the Galaxitical Cuisinart and starts throwing in everything. Turns it on high and lets see what you produce. What a Mixture of Everything but the kitchen sink!

Everything is tentative. The world and the actual state of how things are is *reality* or we call it so. I can’t help but Wonder if what stresses you is brought on by yourself and your environment when you choose to look at things with an idealistic, unrealistic or perfectionist view. Aiming for perfection is admirable but that’s the Wrong answer. Striving for Something that…

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Susan Levitt


June 16, 2015 at 7:05 am PDT is a new Moon in Air sign Gemini. A new Moon is time to take action, especially under the influence of “can do” Gemini. The new Moon, Sun, and Mars are conjunct in Gemini. Mars in the mix adds strength and passion. This lunar month is good for adventure, social gatherings, and travel now that Mercury is no longer retrograde since June 11. Also good to network, make connections, and share ideas with close friends and family members.

There’s luck in love with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo for warm feelings, and highlights romance. Venus is in lusty Leo until October, just perfect for a sensual Sheep year summer. Jupiter trining Uranus could inspire a quest for new freedom, you’ll realize it’s easier to grasp new ideas, and the Jupiter trine brings general good luck. Note that Mercury is…

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