The Lights are On~ is Anybody Home?

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The New Divine Humanity


The Lights are On ~ Are You Home?

Reaching Up ~ Desiring to Be Home ~ Home “out there” somewhere,
or a return to a Planet Etc. IS NOT Harmony, is NOT Being PRESENT,
is NOT Living in the NOW ~ moment.

What good is it to Incarnate ~ with the Lights on ~ But Nobody is Home! This is about CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Being fully Present consciously. If you have not been Present, you can Practise this, by staying fully consciously aware, of NOW. Feeling the Vibrations within your body and your Breath will help you to stay focused on the Now, and will allow the constant thought patterns, to settle down. Then, when you are Present, you will OBSERVE everything Now, as it arises, and will be in a State of Being that is allowing, that is FLOW.

Looking into many of my students eyes, I would ask them…

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