Sun/Moon Blends: Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon

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In a birth chart, when the Sun is placed in Gemini and the Moon in Aquarius, there’s a potent thrust of mental energy on display which is designed to both stimulate the individual and meet the reigning needs of the personality.

This individuals core life energy is expressed through the diversification of thought, adaptability to changing circumstances and the ability to analyze concrete information and make logical connections. It’s reflected in a personality whose needs center around individuation, the challenging and breaking of cultural norms and humanitarian service which addresses futuristic concerns.

 In this Sun/Moon blend, we have the perfect recipe for someone who may appear eccentric or radical in behavior, but has a completely rational explanation.
The Sun symbolizes what type of fuel we need and when placed in Gemini it automatically suggests a duality of some sort. This sign is not necessarily inclined to pursue a course…

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