Sun Sextile Uranus June 10, 2015

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Sun sextile Uranus is typically a once a year event (some years may be an exception during a Uranus Retrograde) and is one of many annual events.  This one is part of a series we have been discussing, including Mars Sextile Uranus on June 9th.

This one differs a bit in that (1) it includes a Mystic Rectangle and (2) the Moon is conjunct the North Node (Karma, hard work but achievement) and (automatically) opposite the South Node (taking the easy way out).  This is a waning moon less than a week away from the New Moon.

Here is the Sun sextile Uranus chart:

2015-06-09 Sun Sextile Uranus Mystic Rectangle

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As always, we think that a special opportunity will present itself to some (most?) people.  (But, especially, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, and Libra.)  But, you must be looking for it to see it.  Keep your eyes open and your awareness up.  Moon conjunct North Node tells us this is another one you will have to work for.  But, multiple kites in play tells us the payoff can be big:

2015-06-09 Sun Sextile Uranus Kites

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We have discussed these kites at length in the Mercury Direct Station entry.  The Thor’s Hammer associated with the Mercury Direct Station of June 11th is also already in play, so you will need to watch your temper.  Seizing the opportunity is not the same as going off the deep end.


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