Sun Sextile Uranus June 10, 2015

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Sun sextile Uranus is typically a once a year event (some years may be an exception during a Uranus Retrograde) and is one of many annual events.  This one is part of a series we have been discussing, including Mars Sextile Uranus on June 9th.

This one differs a bit in that (1) it includes a Mystic Rectangle and (2) the Moon is conjunct the North Node (Karma, hard work but achievement) and (automatically) opposite the South Node (taking the easy way out).  This is a waning moon less than a week away from the New Moon.

Here is the Sun sextile Uranus chart:

2015-06-09 Sun Sextile Uranus Mystic Rectangle

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As always, we think that a special opportunity will present itself to some (most?) people.  (But, especially, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, and Libra.)  But, you must be looking for it to see it.  Keep your eyes open and your awareness up.  Moon conjunct North Node tells us this is another one you will have to work for.  But, multiple kites in play tells us the payoff can be big:

2015-06-09 Sun Sextile Uranus Kites

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We have discussed these kites at length in the Mercury Direct Station entry.  The Thor’s Hammer associated with the Mercury Direct Station of June 11th is also already in play, so you will need to watch your temper.  Seizing the opportunity is not the same as going off the deep end.


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FireWorks 10


~ Keep riding the wave you are on. The Moon enters Aries at 7:14 AM:EDT. You’ll want to ‘Blaze a Path’ to wherever it is you that you insist you are going. When the Goddess of Emoting is in Aries, you are emotionally impulsive. You are Ready. Get on your mark, Go. Oh wait….You forgot to ,Get Set.’ Are you initiating ‘Sudden Flare-Ups and Fireworks’ or are those around you doing it.

You might have to dodge a few bullets. Some might be your very own.  You’ll be in an independent, “Do it Yourself” mode. Full steam ahead. The Red Planet is all about Assertion, Anger & Attitude and he’s looking out for Number One. This feisty guy wants action.

Mercury trines Saturn early in the morning and you can stabilize all your energy with some steady, clear thinking and get reliable results. Clear the mental…

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The saddest thing

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Astro-Week Sonnyscopes are up ! Beginning June 15, 2015

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the sunnyside horoacopes

Stargazer Horoscopes June 15 – 21, 2015 – Kamloops Echo

by Sonny !

If you have any questions or if you’d like a personal reading simply send me an email to sonny @ – & plz share – sending love – S


Dear Aries

Watch your words. Confusions clear and your point will be made but there’s a chance you’ll come on too strong. Sure, go ahead and challenge the team but it’s always better to lead by example so others can see how it’s done. Children and playful activities bring financial rewards and a chance to meet someone special.

Dear Taurus

Revisit an old money making idea. It might not have worked in the past but things are different this time. Fortune is visiting your home as you continue to ground yourself for the future. Relationships on the other hand will become tense again. Take note as…

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Mercury Direct, Neptune Retrograde

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alchemical-marriage Alchemical Marriage – Emily Balivet

Mercury is slowing down to go Direct at 5 degrees Gemini on June 11th, having been Retrograde since May 18th. Meanwhile, Neptune slows down to go Retrograde at 10 degrees Pisces on the 12th. While Mercury Retrograde has been said to befuddle the mind, Neptune Retrograde has the opposite effect, since it normally represents areas where we are easily fooled. Have you gained any clarity during the past few weeks – any insights into the nature of your mental capacities, education, upbringing, group consensus or your relationships with others? Have you cracked open any codes within your existing philosophical or religious background or consciousness in general? Some people have struggled less with mental issues and more with electronic devices.

Since the Full Moon of May 3rd Mercury has been opposing Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. The stifling conditions of the past have been under review and…

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Scorpio and Pisces in Love

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Feeling Like a Little Moonshine

They say that water heals me.

You healed me.

You saw through me.

You saw my thoughts.

You gave blue life and water to me, a rigid, yellow sponge.

In the depths of the ocean your heart whispered to mine

And we played there like children, with the dolphins

Doing back flips and tricks

And we whispered our secrets to each other

And we laughed subliminally

It all turned green,

The color of love

Lower and lower we went

Until I began to drowned.

I couldn’t breathe.

It turned black, the color of suffering

I couldn’t find my own hands

And the waves crushed my lungs

I tried to scream, and nothing came out

All I wanted was to swim in the shimmering shallow pools with you. lana

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Michael Lutin: June 9 – Corny? Maybe, but even so. Gotta send one love letter today.

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Sun/Moon Blends: Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon

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When an Aries Sun is blended with a Scorpio Moon in an individuals birth chart, the nucleus of the person’s life energy consists of  making a significant impact in the world by way of an assertive thrust of personal identity.

The sun’s placement here suggests that the motivating stimulus is to be recognized as number one, a leader and a pioneer who thrives on tests of internal fortitude and the grasping of challenges which allow them to “sharpen their warrior steel”.

The Scorpio Moon uses the sun’s light to reflect a personality who needs to pursue this dominance through emotional depth, knowing things and passionate penetration of anything in life which may be considered buried, hidden or taboo.

For this combination, the way to the heights of the top is through the depths of the bottom. There’s a high energy exertion contained in this blend in both the physical and…

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Sun/Moon Blends: Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon

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Often, when we consider what war means, vivid  images of physical battle pervade our psyche. Sometimes, so much that we lose the complete picture, forgetting that the spiritual and psychological components of war are arguably as important as what we do with our bodies. With the Sun- Moon blend of Scorpio and Aries, two Mars ruled signs, warrior is your middle name.

In a birth chart, when the Sun is in Scorpio, the core life energy which provides stimulus to the individual consists of the desire to plumb the depths of life experience. Even if this investigation happens to put them in the way of danger, there’s an unshakable faith in the finely honed intuition and sensitivity of the Scorpion which will allow them to proceed without trepidation.

The Scorpio Sun is fueled by passionate involvement and possesses incredible amounts of physical and emotional reserves which carry transformative potential for themselves as well as others…

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Sun/Moon Blends: Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon

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Your psyche is attempting to institute a marriage between flexibility and focus, but how will they live together?

This Sun/Moon blend asks that you balance your needs for intensity of experience and richness of feeling with your aspirations to circulate above the fray of emotional entrapment.

There’s a potential here to understand duality, so you may be in tune with the fact that without living deeply and significantly, your life can feel like the “unbearable lightness of being”, and without variety, unhealthy obsessions can emerge.

To gain the elasticity which “lights you up”, you must unflinchingly explore the caverns of your being, and realize your “dark corners”. Upon recognition, there also has to be a level of acceptance that says: “hey.. these facets of myself are good for SOMETHING.”

If this is instituted successfully, the results are wide eyes and a full heart.

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Sun/Moon Blends: Gemini Sun, Aquarius Moon

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photo credit: ( wwwbeautifullensecom)

In a birth chart, when the Sun is placed in Gemini and the Moon in Aquarius, there’s a potent thrust of mental energy on display which is designed to both stimulate the individual and meet the reigning needs of the personality.

This individuals core life energy is expressed through the diversification of thought, adaptability to changing circumstances and the ability to analyze concrete information and make logical connections. It’s reflected in a personality whose needs center around individuation, the challenging and breaking of cultural norms and humanitarian service which addresses futuristic concerns.

 In this Sun/Moon blend, we have the perfect recipe for someone who may appear eccentric or radical in behavior, but has a completely rational explanation.
The Sun symbolizes what type of fuel we need and when placed in Gemini it automatically suggests a duality of some sort. This sign is not necessarily inclined to pursue a course…

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Mars Sextile Uranus June 9, 2015

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This aspect perfects in the early hours of June 9, 2015 in the United States but is in play for morning rush hour in the U.K. and Europe.  This particular aspect is known to wreak havoc.

2015-06-09 Mars Sextile Uranus

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Sun makes a similar aspect to Uranus on June 10th, and Sun and Mars conjoin on June 14th.  These aspects can also bring about accidents and violence.  We note that Mars / Sun conjunct in 2013 was associated with this explosion in Texas.  When added into the upcoming Mercury Direct station, we think that this period will (continue to) be a volatile period (at least until we are past the New Moon).


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~ Inspired, passionate and humanitarian pursuits. Today is a time when you are more willing than usual to take risks. If you are contemplating making a change, a progressive necessary change in your life, your career or your relationships – get ready! You are onto something. You will have a strong desire to make things happen and this is the “make it happen” aspect. It hangs around a couple of days so you have time to prepare for when Mercury goes direct on June 11. Keep your cards close to your vest until you are ready to make the move.

If you find yourself being pushed into situations that tax your limits, make sure they’re worth the energy you must expend. If you choose well, these new approaches will free up energy that has been trapped. Seriously, that is all you have to do sometimes – just…

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Quesapita or Pitadilla?

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Cook Plant Meditate

6-2-15 130

Either way, the names say it all.  I happened to have some leftover fresh pita and thought – maybe I can stuff it with cheese and cook it like a grilled cheese sandwich.  And it worked!  There are no special tricks here.  Simply preheat a pan to medium heat, cut off the end of a pita, fill it with some slices of cheese, butter one side and cook for around 2 minutes meanwhile buttering the other side.  Cook on the other side for two minutes or until browned and the cheese inside is melted.

6-2-15 1206-2-15 1226-2-15 1246-2-15 126

Easy, hand held cheese, um, quesapita? Pitadilla? Grilled cheeseapita?  You be the judge!

Eat Well!


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Seeds for Meditation

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Hālau 'Aha Hūi Lanakila™

teardrop_Jackson CarsonAll things change.
The root of the situation is in decay.
This is in the natural order;
No blame, no fear.

There is a great work before you
A path you have dreamed of and desired
The key to unlock the gates of your abundance is held by you
Unlock the gate by discharging fear and doubt
Gratitude is the elixir.

Look into the past
And examine what has
Led to this period of dissolution.
Liberate negative emotions by simply acknowledging them.
Changing your inner attitude does the repair.

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