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Goddess of Emoting


~ As soon as your feet hit the ground, you’ll be running around crazily. Perhaps even frantically, like a chicken with its head cut off. Try to avoid looking too far ahead. Bring an extra, heaping supply of patience with you on this Friday morning. The “Goddess of Emoting” is doing just that  – Emoting, and it’s pointless to argue with her. Give her your undivided time and attention. Above all, consent to try your damnedest, in an attempt to channel your “Inner Saint.” Aim High so even if do not reach the Sun, you may fall among the stars. That assures a result which won’t be too shabby.

By noontime, you’ll want to get the party started. Venus moves into the sign of Leo and for the next few week, Its Playtime. We all get the benefit of an extended visit from Venus-in-Leo. Your…

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