The Full Moon: location, location, location

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Blazing Light, Love's Song

June 1, 2015I have been reflecting on Gemini as the sign of the Twins, brothers and sisters, and the many faces of one thing. My contemplations been supported by the creation of a new online class: Vibrational Excellence. In class we are using archetypes: some ancient, others metaphysical, and still others contemporary or modern. Being archetypes, they too offer a one (principles) through many faces (twins). In that respect they bring Gemini to mind again.

Yet I am still troubled by astronomy which points out that the Sun is in the sign of the Bull (Taurus). Add to that, Uranus is in Pisces and Pluto in Sagittarius. These planets and signs also point to archetypes and the many faces of inner reality.

Truth be told, my deliberations on astronomical placements of planets in the zodiac keep bringing me back to a question of being stubborn. My mind feels plowed by the…

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