Mystic Rectangle of June 7, 2015

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While many of you may have come to visit this site recently to read about the Full Moon of June 2, you need to know that the really powerful event this week is the Mystic Rectangle of June 7th.  It is in force from 7 AM CDT until about 7 PM CDT.  (8 EDT; 5 PDT).  This is an unusual window of opportunity that will allow you to recognize powerful insights and bring them to fruition.  (Use the time wisely!)

2015-06-07 Mystic Rectangle

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This is an unusually benevolent Mystic Rectangle composed of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Pallas.  Bright ideas will come, and they can be made to be reality.  With Mercury Retrograde and nearing its station, we offer that this idea may be one that is overdue or needed to be revisited, and full implementation may not be realized until after June 11th or June 16th.


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