June Full Moon in Sagittarius 2015 – Game On

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“These games will be the death of me yet; the wrack and ruin, or else the salvation…Games pared down to the blazing bare bones, to the beautiful, terrible core of it all.”

– Rob Schultheis, Bone Games

The Full Moon at 11 degrees of Sagittarius on June 2nd puts us in touch with our raw, uncensored selves. People are feeling extra feisty and fidgety, or maybe fantastic and festive, but feelings have certainly reached their nth degree. Those feelings are not hidden but are as obvious as daylight for those with eyes to see.

In Taurus, where the Sun just recently passed we tend to deeply connect with the beauty and pleasurable aspects of nature. The influence of Sagittarius plunges us into the jungles or Mt. Everests of our minds and of the earth plane, whether for the thrill or hell of it, or just as likely to see how…

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Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 2, 2015: Astrology, Sabian Symbols and Tarot

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Revisiting Butterflies, Transformation, Journaling, & Mandalas

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Through the Peacock's Eyes

In honor of Mercury Retrograde, which occurs from May 18 to June 11, Sindy at BlueButterfliesAndMe is hosting a Let’s Go Retro challenge to repost, re-blog, re-visit an old post. Inspired by Sue’s post Mandala ~ In Retro, I am reposting the following journal entry from my first year-long round of posting my Butterfly Journal entries:

Tibetan Sand Mandala Tibetan Sand Mandala

In the last journal entry I discussed how breathing, Pranayama practices, and other yoga practices help me when I am challenged to be patient and calm. Another practice that I have recently returned to is art. Art is a wonderful meditative practice or activity because it is when we remove the mind from the process, when we are being mind-less, we become fully open channels of inspiration, intuition, and divine love. When we allow ourselves to be mind-less, we are in full acceptance of the present moment (mindfulness), and patience…

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Turkish Elections 2015

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On 7 June developments are expected that will come out of the elections results in Turkey. The Full Moon in Sagittarius will occur before the Turkish elections with the Sun and Mars at the 12th house at the natal chart of Turkey, is an indication of much contextual activity that is moving and extended in any different directions, such as religious fanaticism, foreign and topic secret service agencies activity, stubs behind the back before elections and even including terroristic actions. Furthermore, circumstances is possible to be more obscuring concerning strategy to the Kurdish issue, since the affiliation of Kurdish voters is definite for the Left side and its success to the upcoming elections may bring new data to the Kurdish issue.
The political game is complicating and more stimulating since the two opponents are in the same political party. The governing Justice and Development Party (AKP) of President Recep Tayyip…

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on deck for the weekend—another fiercely lazy one—may 29th – 31st

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Eleventh House Luminaries

Edward-Robert-Hughes-Painting-022All weekend, the Gemini Sun conjunct Mercury Rx will square Pisces Neptune, while sextiling/trining the Nodal Axis in Libra/Aries.

We aren’t gonna want to do anything—except drink and socialize with friends—if it’s not too much bother, of course.

And with all this Mutable energy splattered over the place, things may get a little sloppy.


Today, the waxing Moon gets zapped from all sides (opposes Uranus, squares Pluto and Venus, sextiles Jupiter), so there is plenty to talk about. Luna is still in Libra—so, we definitely want to interact with others and shoot the shit as the energy builds for next week’s Full Moon.

But tomorrow, she moves into Scorpio and the intensity amps up. We will want to hang with only the chosen few in our circles. Nice and intimate, like.

Sunday, again Luna dances with many—Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Chiron.  Lots of Water to keep the emotions running high, with…

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Astrology Forecast for June 2015

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June sends us forward and backward with a force fit for New Year’s Eve.  Just as the signal approaches to gun our engines, at last, unfinished business comes calling with dollar signs and repercussions. Which way to go? There’s the paradox. Progress will occur, but with the weight of the past dogging us – until we turn and deal with it, once and for all.

The month begins with high energy and, likely, some of the brightest spirits we’ve enjoyed all year. Those levels promise to stay up all month.  From the Sagittarius Full Moon on the 2nd on, fire is running throughout the sky, stoking life force and enthusiasm, fueling showmanship and playfulness, and causing sparks of emotion (anger, maybe?) to flare into into acts of passion, rebellion and liberation.

The vibe amps up when Venus moves into Leo on the 5th, bringing relationships center stage.  Think glitter, champagne…

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Grand Fire Trine Full Moon

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Susan Levitt

full moon horseJune 2, 2015 at 9:19 am PT is a full Moon in Sagittarius. Fire sign Sagittarius is a free spirit who loves adventure and seeks higher knowledge. The Sagittarius symbol is a half horse/half human archer shooting an arrow of truth to hit the mark. So the remaining two weeks of this lunar cycle are time to get to the heart of the matter by discovering and speaking your truth.

This Sagittarian full Moon trines Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries to create a fortunate grand Fire trine! People are friendly, warm, and supportive. They are generous and sincerely concerned with the welfare of others. There is a heightened interest in the meaning of life, of creating new structures and new ways of doing things. It’s easier to make needed changes in your environment, or make changes in your personal habits. Events from the past can be examined for…

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Another long void Moon time to stay grounded throughout

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Eyes of Heaven


Long void moon followed by the retrograde connection of the Will (Sun) with the Mind (Mercury). Follow the directions above, please.

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Venus Retrograde July-September 2015

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Venus slows down midway through Leo next month, entering a pre-shadow period on the Summer Solstice of June 21st and actually turning Retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo on July 25th until September 6th, stationing Direct at 14 degrees Leo.

Venus as a planet rules love, beauty, money, and feminine matters, but esoterically she is about so much than mere aesthetics and affection. She is about what truly makes us tick on some very fundamental levels. Venus represents our internal value system and how we relate to and project it outwardly into the world.

Be very careful about expensive purchases during this time which will weigh on the side of needing a return or exchange. If you get some new hairdo or wardrobe with the intention of feeling better about yourself, you might wind up with the opposite results. This would be an especially sore issue during the first week of…

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2015-06-02 Full Moon

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Here is the chart for the Full Moon of June 2, 2015:

2015-06-02 Full Moon

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The one pattern that leaps out for this FM is a T-Square involving Sun, Moon, and Neptune (and arguably Mercury):

2015-06-02 Full Moon T-Square

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Let’s be clear: we will see conflict, but it will tend to be “passive aggressive.”  Sabotage is possible.  Healthcare issues may surface.  A complex set of “learning triangles” confirms the rise of healthcare issues at this time as well as possible breakthroughs in the area of healthcare:

2015-06-02 Full Moon Learning Triangles

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Finally, for a few, a small window of opportunity may be present as an “almost Kite” forms (but not like the windows earlier this year on May 22 or especially the powerful kites of the Full Moon of May 3rd):

2015-06-02 Full Moon Kite (Almost)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We acknowledge that this final window of opportunity might be a sort of “cleanup” from the chances you had on May 3rd.  One last bite at the apple before it is gone altogether.

In all, we expect this to be a prelude to the Solstice that begs the question: what do you want to get done?

We might add that, if this is not the right window of opportunity for you, you might want to consider launching your effort at the time of the Mystic Rectangle of June 7th.

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