Weekly Lovescopes ! Beginning May 31, 2015 – From The Astrology Room

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love horoscopes

Sarah’s Love Horoscopes (week beginning 31st May)

from: http://theastrologyroom.com/

by Sarah Bartlett

Mercury may be retrograde and causing delays to travel or business plans, but the sun is giving us all a reason to romance the nights away, and look forward to entertaining days to come.

We may still be impatient, forced to take a back seat or wait for someone to come to their senses, but whatever the case, live by your wits, instinct and belief that what goodness you put out into the world, will come back tenfold to bring you blessings too.


Like Hermes, who in Greek mythology stands on the threshold between the visible and invisible worlds, creating and uniting the opposites, you’re trying to create a lifestyle which unifies two people. Right now, you have the chance, the luck and the will to make impressive changes in your life. And you’re hardly the person to…

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