June Full Moon in Sagittarius 2015 – Game On

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“These games will be the death of me yet; the wrack and ruin, or else the salvation…Games pared down to the blazing bare bones, to the beautiful, terrible core of it all.”

– Rob Schultheis, Bone Games

The Full Moon at 11 degrees of Sagittarius on June 2nd puts us in touch with our raw, uncensored selves. People are feeling extra feisty and fidgety, or maybe fantastic and festive, but feelings have certainly reached their nth degree. Those feelings are not hidden but are as obvious as daylight for those with eyes to see.

In Taurus, where the Sun just recently passed we tend to deeply connect with the beauty and pleasurable aspects of nature. The influence of Sagittarius plunges us into the jungles or Mt. Everests of our minds and of the earth plane, whether for the thrill or hell of it, or just as likely to see how…

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