Venus Retrograde July-September 2015

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Venus slows down midway through Leo next month, entering a pre-shadow period on the Summer Solstice of June 21st and actually turning Retrograde at 0 degrees of Virgo on July 25th until September 6th, stationing Direct at 14 degrees Leo.

Venus as a planet rules love, beauty, money, and feminine matters, but esoterically she is about so much than mere aesthetics and affection. She is about what truly makes us tick on some very fundamental levels. Venus represents our internal value system and how we relate to and project it outwardly into the world.

Be very careful about expensive purchases during this time which will weigh on the side of needing a return or exchange. If you get some new hairdo or wardrobe with the intention of feeling better about yourself, you might wind up with the opposite results. This would be an especially sore issue during the first week of…

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2015-06-02 Full Moon

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Here is the chart for the Full Moon of June 2, 2015:

2015-06-02 Full Moon

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The one pattern that leaps out for this FM is a T-Square involving Sun, Moon, and Neptune (and arguably Mercury):

2015-06-02 Full Moon T-Square

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Let’s be clear: we will see conflict, but it will tend to be “passive aggressive.”  Sabotage is possible.  Healthcare issues may surface.  A complex set of “learning triangles” confirms the rise of healthcare issues at this time as well as possible breakthroughs in the area of healthcare:

2015-06-02 Full Moon Learning Triangles

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Finally, for a few, a small window of opportunity may be present as an “almost Kite” forms (but not like the windows earlier this year on May 22 or especially the powerful kites of the Full Moon of May 3rd):

2015-06-02 Full Moon Kite (Almost)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We acknowledge that this final window of opportunity might be a sort of “cleanup” from the chances you had on May 3rd.  One last bite at the apple before it is gone altogether.

In all, we expect this to be a prelude to the Solstice that begs the question: what do you want to get done?

We might add that, if this is not the right window of opportunity for you, you might want to consider launching your effort at the time of the Mystic Rectangle of June 7th.

Quintile Kite of May 27, 2015: Lance the Boil

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We present the chart for the Quintile Kite of May 27, 2015:

2015-05-27 Quintile Kite during Moon vc

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This Quintile Kite occurs during Virgo Moon v/c (void of course) along with a preceding Mercury/Mars conjunction (with Mercury Retrograde for overdue projects and issues) and Venus Trine Chiron perfecting later.  Mercury conjunct Mars often leads some people to say and do things they regret later.  But Mercury retrograde addresses overdue issues (“coming to a a head”) and Venus (in Cancer, home and family) trines Chiron (the Wounded Healer).

If you are up to doing it, today might be the day to “lance the boil” and clear the air of something no one wants to discuss.  Be prepared for anger and tears and sorrow, and avoid physical violence (of course!).  Do it as early in the day as possible, clear the air, and find time for the creative solutions (Quintile Kite) that can emerge from addressing this painful issue.  Then, move forward.

Just keep one thing in mind: tomorrow is very unstable and all hell may break loose.

sun into gemini—words, people, WORDS!!!!—may 21st – june 21st

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Eleventh House Luminaries

Well, the Sun moved from Taurus to Gemini last Thursday.

george-barbier-le-jour-et-la-nuit-1100-331I have only now been able to get a post out about it.

Could it be due the fact the newly ingressed Sun immediately opposed Sagittarius Saturn Rx (delays and frustration) after his transition? Or could it be the havoc Gemini Mercury Retrograde is having on my already precarious internet connectivity grip here at my current location?


The Sun has now joined Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, and Mars in the third sector of the zodiac.

Mutable Air. An intellectual sign, whose sigil is the Twins—Castor and Pollux.

There is a duality to all the Air signs and our Gemini is characterised as literally two people. Castor is the earth bound brother, while Pollux is the deified immortal. Things will take on this biformity as the solar month continues. It will be hard to miss.

Also, hard to miss is…

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Making Purchases During Mercury retrograde: Q & A

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