Mercury at a Standstill–How to Handle It

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I always say I’m not going to write any more articles about Mercury Retrograde, but here I am again.  My regular readers know that I take the prevailing hysteria about it with a grain of salt—well, more like a whole shaker full of salt.  Too many people make these retrogrades sound like some terrifying boogie man, and I think they’re just addicted to high drama.

My approach is more sensible, I like to think. I double check everything I do during that time, hold up on major outreach, don’t start major projects, and back up my computer after every writing session.

And I capitalize on those periods by working on what I call my Mercury retrograde projects—usually involving revisions of things I’ve already written. (Follow the links at the end of this article to see how you can create a project of your own.)

How Mercury…

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