Moon Enters Gemini 2015-05-18

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A question arose about how soon the Moon enters Gemini after the Algol New Moon.

Here is the chart:

Moon Enters Gemini 2015-05-18

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that the Moon quickly opposes Saturn and then conjuncts Mars.  This should be since Mars opposite Saturn recently culminated.  Mercury Retrograde station also occurs today, and the Moon conjoins Mercury after retrograde motion has ever so slightly begun.

In all, it is likely to be a good day to stay home if you can.  If not, avoid dangerous situations and check all details.


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  2. I could never understand those charts


    • Would you like to?


      • sure, but I’m really not that smart, I have the school grades to prove it.


      • School grades do not necessarily “prove” that you are not that smart. After all, they might not be the correct measure to detect your particular variant of genius. (We are talking about a “false negative” here.

        Your first homework assignment is to discuss what a false negative is and to explain why it might apply to your grades in school!

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  3. Heh-heh-heh.

    A Fullmoon on my birthday cometh too!

    I guess I had best watch out for Mars, though. Been feeling a bit more aggressive than usual. What’s more, this all on a Tuesday (Mars’s Day). For the right causes, sometimes “Carpe Diem” is the right way to proceed, even with a little help from Mars.

    Thanks for this.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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