Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2015

May 18, 2015 at 9:30 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Mercury Retrograde in Gemini 2015

Mercury goes Retrograde May 18th until June 11th. Mercury is at home in the sign of Gemini but out of its element when squaring Neptune as  it began to do on May 9th, will revisit May 28th, and for a third time moving forward June 23rd. Things can seem so hazy and confusing with Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune that it is its own kind of “retrograde” influence in and of itself. Emotions are going this way and that way, and their cause is somewhat uncertain. So much is going on, and yet what is going on exactly seems difficult to pin down and explain. Ideas and conversation abound, but where do they lead? In addition Mars joined in for the planetary and perceptual shift inward, kicking off this cycle with an opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, kind of forcing us to find the humor in some our most…

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