Venus Trine Neptune May 16, 2015

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We present the chart for Venus Trine Neptune for May 16, 2015:

2015-05-16 Venus Trine Neptune

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that, if one is willing to use the North Node, a grand trine (two, actually) exists in this chart (Ceres, Node, Mars or Ceres, Node, Mercury).  The Venus / Neptune trine is not part of the GT.

Venus trine Neptune tends to be a “feel good” day, and sometimes it can be too much of a feel good day.  Things often seem better than they really are, and a wakeup call awaits us later.  Be careful of romance (or business) with a new partner today; after the New Moon / Mercury Retrograde station you may have a powerful change of heart.  Just enjoy the day without a particular commitment just yet.


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