2015 Taurus New Moon

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May 17-18, 2015
9:13 PM PDT / 12:13 AM EDT / 4:13 AM GMT
26 Taurus 55

The Taurus New Moon invites us to sink into the physicality of the here and now. This year’s model is hardly stuck on the earth plane, though. This Moon takes us far from the surface in both directions, lifting us into transcendence (or escapism) while stirring the most primal of cravings deep within.

Focus is now flowing to resources that nourish and support our existence, and all the better if they delight us, too:  Aromatic flowers and herbs. Fresh fruit that explodes with flavor and juiciness when you bite into it. Sensual fabrics and, of course,  sensual touch. Don’t forget cash, too, not merely to pay us for our talents, but also to make it possible to acquire the delights we can’t produce on our own.

It’s the most natural, organic course of…

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