Starcodes May 15, 2015  Heather Roan Robbins

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New Moon on Algol then Mercury Rx? Ouch!


It’s a good time to return, return to ones we have loved before, return to a place that holds our heart, or return to a project we once put on hold as Mercury retrogrades for the next three weeks.

The past whispers to us and it’s time to take a break. Whatever we’re in the midst of doing may either be put on hold while we deal with a sidebar, another agenda other than our usual, this week while Mercury retrogrades, Venus opposes Pluto, and Mars opposes Saturn.

Mercury retrogrades (May 18-June 11) in its own nervy sign of Gemini, which both makes this Mercury retrograde cycle easier, because we can stay more articulate and verbal, and more difficult because all things mercurial may be unusually challenging. Mercury is further energized and scrambled by a square with confusing if inspired Neptune- which perfected last week, retrogrades back to perfect again…

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