for the weekend—roadblocks and resources—may 15th – 17th

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Eleventh House Luminaries

or a pint of ale?or a pint of ale?

Today, Gemini Mars opposes Sagittarius Saturn Rx—the atmosphere will be intellectually nervous with obstacle after obstacle popping up to stand in our way.

None of our attempts at action will go according to plan—best rethink the master scheme a bit or simply wait for better days.

Good thing it’s Friday, huh?  (Unless of course if it’s not your Friday.)

While Mars and Saturn go at it, the waning Aries Moon gets bolstered from a sextile with flighty Mercury and a trine from enthusiastic Jupiter but later she is slammed with a square from intense Pluto and a conjunction to erratic Uranus.

The day will feel like a nip of gin—burns but somehow warms, upturns but somehow steadies, calms but somehow excites—ALL AT ONCE!!!

Tomorrow is much better, for Cancer Venus trines Pisces Neptune—a lovely Water balm to ease frustration!

Although we will still be contending with the thwarted effects of…

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