venus in the sign of the crab—may 7th – june 5th

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Eleventh House Luminaries

Thursday night, Venus went from Gemini to Cancer.

Art-Nouveau-Painting-010 spitting image of cersei lannister!!

While in the Cardinal Water sign, things are gonna get moody and insecure—

Darn! I probably shouldn’t lead with the bad stuff, but there you have it.

Water is pure emotion and there is no one (ok, yes, Scorpio and Pisces) as emotional as Cancer. So, much so, her sigil is the Crab—gotta have a safe place to feel alllllllll the multitude of feels—hey, how ’bout I carry my bomb shelter on my back, so it’s ALWAYS there if and when I need to hide!!!! And like the larger home of the crab, her moods match the rising and ebbing tides of the sea—up and down, up and down, up and down . . . into infinity.

Cancer is also Cardinal, so control is high on the priority list. She’s a mover and shaker and won’t…

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