Computer Locked up? Beware of Ransom Scam

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By Donna Cunningham, MSW

I’m writing this to warn you about a very dangeorus scam.

I’m just slowly recovering from a weeklong nightmare.  On Monday morning, I went to use my computer, but the startup page was locked, with a phone number I was to call.  The person who answered said he was from Microsoft, and that the computer was locked because my 5-year warrantee was up. If I didn’t renew it immediately, it would crash and I would lose all my files. He offered me several plans, from 3-5 years, for anywhere from $150-$350, but pressured me to get the money to them that very day.

It sounded like ANOTHER computer scam, but in fact, I bought my computer 5 years ago in early April.  I called a couple of knowledgeable people, and they told me it was something called a ransom scam–in effect, they were holding my computer…

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