New Moon of April 18, 2015

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We present the chart for the New Moon of April 18, 2015:

New Moon 2015-04-18 Plano TX

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Earlier this same day, we have overlapping and linked Rosettas (linked by Mercury) that arguably might be called a “Double Rosetta Key.”  Rosettas tend to be about unstable alliances (and possibly treachery), so please do be careful who you confide in at this time.  Although other patterns precede the new moon in the days before and after, this is the only pattern truly “near” the new moon and it conveys a single simple message: treachery is afoot.  That the two patterns are linked by Mercury (the Prince of Thieves) worsens matters.

New Moon 2015-04-18 Double Rosetta Key Plano TX

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Far more than usual, this is truly a day to be careful about who you trust with your confidences.

Here is the U.S. Map for the New Moon:

US Map for New Moon 2015-04-18

[Click Image to Enlarge]

No yods are afoot in this chart, so this is not about your decisions or “big decisions” EXCEPT in terms of who you are choosing for your friends and who you are choosing to spend time with.  Pick well.

Be assured of one thing: change is afoot.  Your old allies may no longer be friends, and you may find yourself in league with strange bedfellows once this New Moon has passed.

New Moon links:

 See, also: “Bing and Google and Treachery” for a take on how this has been unfolding for this blog!

You can “get things done” with this new moon, but it might be best to work alone without disclosing your plans to others.


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