“But NOTHING happened!” Why Big Transits Can Sometimes be a Bust

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Very rarely do I reblog articles, but this one is truly outstanding.

Sky Writer

© 3-28-2015 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 A longtime Skywriter reader wrote to ask a question that had been bothering her for quite a while. She said that despite predictions of big changes in her life, major transits had often produced little or no effect in the way of happenings. I understood what she was saying about big transits and nothing happening. I have observed such things with myself  and others, too–clients and friends or loved ones.

When I examined their lives more closely, it became clearer that the long outer planet transit correlated with internal changes that moved them. Eventually and only gradually, under internal and/or external pressure, did they take action to change their approach to life and to significant others. It’s often something like a realization that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

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  1. I subscribe to both Skywriter and Grandtrines and I read this article several days ago. This is one of the things about astrology which makes it science of the humanities, which is to say it is cosmological In its scope. I realized a while ago in my studies that transits (and progressions) do not operate at all like popular astrology tends to promote astrology and while popular astrology can be lauded for keeping astrology in the consciousness of the general public this misleading aspect is obviously a mixed blessing.

    All transits seem to have this inner-to-outer aspect whether something external manifests itself in the native’s life or not. The further out we go (from Mars out to Pluto) the less simply personal the transit or progression tends to be. And at least for us in the modern world this is why astrology (or more precisely natal astrology) tends to be primarily developmental in it’s significance to our society and mankind at this time.

    Those transits of Jupiter out to Pluto tend to trigger median and long term changes in a natives life which require a very high level of competence and knowledge of the human being on both psychological and spiritual level in order to advise clients accurately.

    Two examples I want to mention: Saturn just moved in to Sagittarius at the end of 2014 and while it would not have occurred to me in reading Elsa’s blog she mentioned Saturn in Sagittarius could indicate publishing. I have been struggling to be a writer more serious now than at any other time in my life but now realizing that Saturn (in exaltation in my chart and in sextile aspect to my Sun natally) has entered my Sun sign I have two years to complete my writing efforts. Just knowing this helps to stabilize my thinking about the several projects which I want to engage in.

    The other is more social but still personal as well. The transit of the planet Pluto in Capricorn now is approaching where it was when this country was founded in 1776. In other words we are approaching our first Pluto return as a nation. Without going into any specific delineations in the 16 years between 2008 and 2024 our entire way of life could be transformed and rather dramatically too. I am concerned that naive, optimistic new-age predictions about an Aquarian age utopia ignore the fact that this country is astrologically speaking a Plutocracy and all planets are relatively speaking beneficial to their “children” so that when the dust settles from this transit-return we may still be ruled by an authoritarian, imperialistic elite and our democratic republic a thing of history.

    Anyway the main point is that major transits especially the conjunctions, squares and oppositions don’t always manifest in something explicitly obvious and concrete yet if one is both competent and sensitive enough one can always find where transit did manifest itself along the major developmental themes of the nativity which to me is one of the main reasons to study astrology in the first place. Ashe!


    • Thank you for a well-reasoned entry. I am worried about our democracy as well. A large number of people seem willing to sacrifice their rights for convenience. It is a foolish path to tread.


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