New Moon of January 2015

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We present, first, the New Moon chart for January of 2015, set in Plano and unfiltered (with regard to aspects):

2015-01-20 New Moon (Full, Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that this is a complex and active New Moon with many aspects.  The Moon/Sun conjoin at 0 Aquarius, a particularly potent point that follows similar new moons in recent months.  Before we go further, let us say this: this is one New Moon you will “feel.”  It will not come and go unnoticed.  At least one major shift will happen in your life near this date.

We note that another New Moon in Aquarius occurs February 18th.  That is similar to an astrological “blue moon” (second full moon in a particular sign), and occurs a few days after Mercury goes direct.  Expect to push forward at that time with new projects and ideas that come to you between now and then.

Picking “where to begin” is difficult, but we start by noting a “hard rectangle” pattern:

2015-01-20 New Moon Hard Rectangle (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Pluto, Venus, Jupiter, and Hygeia are involved.  While each contributes, Pluto is particularly important because of its tight square with the north node (fate, karma), to be discussed next.

Venus and Jupiter are typically benevolent.  Hygeia puts a healthcare spin into the mix.  We expect the expected problems here, namely a flu epidemic that involves a strain that this year’s flu shot does not protect against.  (I am not making a major prediction; I am merely echoing a confirmation of what we already know.)  What might change with this new moon (NM) is that the mortality / morbidity rate may be a bit higher than “we” had expected.

Here are the squares and oppositions (“hard aspects”) associated with this NM.  We note that the Pluto/Node square is particularly tight (powerful) on this occasion:

2015-01-20 New Moon Squares (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that this Pluto / Node (Death / Karma) line particularly strongly affects the Middle East at this time:

2015-01-20 New Moon Middle East Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Wonder how that will play out.

This NM has grand trines, and it almost has a kite:

2015-01-20 New Moon Grand Trines (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Uranus / Juno / Pallas form this one, and we are not sure what to expect from that mix.  Uranus is surprises, Juno is trust issues, this source describes Pallas as “strategic command in both the warrior and the peaceful general.”  The North Node potentiates this mix in a “near kite”:

2015-01-20 New Moon Kite Almost (1) (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Some people will have great advantage from this New Moon.  Many will be compelled to action.

The West Indies are active and interesting with a Saturn / Jupiter (financial changes, probably favorable and possibly involving Wall Street in New York) crossing happening near Freeport, and Mars + Neptune lines passing through Puerto Rico (much change of some kind there!):

2015-01-20 New Moon West Indies Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Cuba continues to be an active part of this mix as well.

The U.S. map is interesting.  A Pluto line passes through the U.S. but avoids most population centers (except Denver).  Baltimore, and points east, is highly activated.  Here is the U.S. map:

2015-01-20 New Moon US Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the New Moon chart relocated to Baltimore.

2015-01-20 New Moon Baltimore (Full, Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Note that Mercury is near Ascendant, Saturn at Midheaven, and Jupiter on the Descendant.  This combination indicates certain kinds of highly precise operations of some kind, possibly financial operations.  Sagittarians with late November birthdays living in this region will be particularly affected.  So will mid August Leos and late January / early February Aquarians.

Here is the map for Europe and the UK:

2015-01-20 New Moon Europe Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for Australia / New Zealand.  While the many lines mostly go through the sparsely populated interior, Mars and Neptune lines do affect Perth.  Tasmania is also activated:

2015-01-20 New Moon Aus NZ Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the ever complex Southeast Asia map.  We withhold commentary except to say that Indonesia is highly activated:

2015-01-20 New Moon SE Asia Map

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is a map of Indonesia:

2015-01-20 New Moon Indonesia Map

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In summary, prepare yourself for a new adventure, and gather what you learn in this cycle for the next change of pace circa February 18th.


  1. hmmm mercury close to MC for london ……..and paris ……protests ongoing. Awaiting further commentary with interest xxx


    • I think you already know the answer, but I will make it explicit. Mercury was precisely MC for New York City when 9/11 happened during a Moon v/c. A not so “cold war” may have (already) started. That said, checking the map again shows that the MC line falls almost exactly on top of the “channel.” It is the CORRIDOR between London / Paris that is most affected by this New Moon that is within hours of the Mercury Retrograde station. (Not necessarily the work of “bad guys,” but we could see problems of some kind in the “chunnel.”)


  2. nb I read juno as “secret” or “very close” enemies – always serious trouble


    • I think that the terrorists are going to increase their attacks, and our special ops guys are going to start doing more things like Belgium. (“Belgian anti-terror raid in Verviers leaves two dead“) n.b. The only group Julius Caesar truly feared was the “Belgae” (though the Germans worried him also). Indeed, he addressed them FIRST in his epic three volume set on strategy (arguably BETTER than Sun Tzu):

      All Gaul [France] is divided into three parts, one of which the Belgae inhabit, the Aquitani another, those who in their own language are called Celts, in our Gauls, the third.

      I note that weapons manufacturers (e.g. Browning Firearms) have tended to be located with the “Belgae” also.

      The astrology, here, says that the terrorists LOSE, and they lose BIG TIME. Attacking France polarized the French citizenry against the terrorists, and the terrorists (collectively) have made a HUGE mistake by doing this. Niccolo Machivelli explains why (true with the French even all those centuries ago):

      There are two kinds of kingdoms: those in which the prince is the sole ruler (e.g. Turkey, the kingdom of Darius) and those in which power is split between the prince and the barons (e.g. France).” He goes on to say: “The first kind of kingdom is difficult to conquer and easy to hold onto; the latter is easy to conquer and difficult to hold onto.

      What he means is that the French are not easily focused into a single mind to take action. (They are very democratic and would rather discuss the matter.) But, what he leaves unspoken, is the fact that when the French ARE so focused, there is hell to pay. The French built an underground to deal with Nazis in World War II. Now, these guys have replaced the Nazis, and the French will build a new underground (Juno / Pallas / Uranus trine) to deal with them. Ring the bell, and the French will show up to deal with bad guys who take citizens hostage. (As an aside, if you have not seen Witness, then you really should. Also from that movie: this and this (extreme violence alert on this last link).)

      The terrorists, and their allies and supporters, have painted a target upon themselves, and they will not easily scrub it off.


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  5. Dear grandtrines…can you please cast a birth chart for me? I’m having an extremely rough time…born January 4 1964 at 250am eastern standard time…any help would be appreciated…thanks..zoeyx72


    • I will be glad to do this, but I will also need the location of your birth. (And, hang in there!)


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