Astrology for Christmas Day 2014

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Christmas Day is RELATIVELY quiet this year.  No heavy duty patterns are in play, or the one or two that arguably remain are breaking up.  Even so, let’s identify the issues we can find.  The first is the ongoing battle of trust versus betrayal (probably in family settings) with Jupiter (the leader of the gods; the party god and sometimes philanderer) and Juno (Jupiter’s sometimes betrayed wife) near each other in Leo and effectively opposed by Mars (anger, war) and the Moon (our deepest innermost desires and emotions):

Christmas 2014 Jupiter, Juno, Mars, and Moon

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We note that Moon / Mars can represent older children OR another couple (or both) in the drama that unfolds.

We see a secondary set of issues involving Hygeia (health and healthcare) in opposition to Vesta (traditions) and Pluto (death, secrets, and radical change).  Christmas squabbles seem to be the routine for many families; this year will not likely be an exception.  (Note: we are using a Sunrise chart set in Plano.  Differences may occur in other localities; most of these differences will be minor in the United States.)  We also add that we believe that a sunrise chart is particularly appropriate for this holiday.

Hygeia COULD be a “counselor” or “healthcare professional” that “screws up Christmas for everyone” (Vesta, traditions) and maybe even leaves the police (Pluto) unhappy.

While arguably some trines do exist in this chart, the orbs must be wide (loose, questionable) and so we ignore them.  The most noteworthy square is Mercury / Uranus which culminated the day before on the 24th.  (We could write an article about this much more interesting day, but we will not unless some event compels us to do so.  This article is being written on the 23rd.)  Whatever was going to happen on the 24th, it either did or did not and the event and associated choice in the matter is now past.  (It could have been the “brainstorm” to plan to do whatever is happening on Christmas.)

A few people will attempt “interventions” this Christmas.  The sesquiquadrates in play (along with the oppositions already mentioned) indicate that the need for this will seem compelling, but chances are good that the effort will fail.  (The South Node, or “easy way out,” is in play.  It tends to keep the status quo and avoid hard work.)

Christmas 2014 Sesquiquadrates

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Legal systems (particularly police via the involvement of Astraea) may be brought into play, but the outcome will likely be unfavorable.  Conversations between Juno (the wife) and Pluto (the police) are characterized by inconjuncts (miscommunications and unspoken disagreement).  However, the police may see fit to ask for the removal of any children or other parties (nearby Mercury and Venus).  Involvement of septiles involving Mercury and Venus (children?) may make the chain of events seem unavoidable.  (Did it have to happen this way?  Probably.  (We omit this version of the chart as mostly uninteresting.))

How to handle a day like this?  Probably difficult to impossible to avoid these problems unless you plan to spend Christmas alone.  The compulsion to “act” leads to the problems.  “Taking action” in this case is best deferred to another (more favorable) day.

Here is the full chart, with all aspects delineated:

Christmas 2014 (Full Chart, Beginners)

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We do not include maps because they vary greatly over the course of the day and do not yield useful information.

If you can, try to enjoy the day and avoid the temptation to enter disputes.

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