Uranus Square Pluto December 2014 (and the Libra Moon T-Square that follows)

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Many of you are looking for information on the (exact) square of Uranus to Pluto in December 2014.  Here is the basic chart:

Uranus Square Pluto (Exact) 2014-12

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We note that a Grand Trine is also active during this period:

Uranus Square Pluto (Exact, Beginners, GT) 2014-12

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As interesting as that is, the following T-Square (Grand Cross if you add the asteroid Hygeia) is particularly interesting.

Uranus, Pluto, Moon T-Square (Beginners) 2014-12[Click to Enlarge]

We believe that any significant events that occur during this period will occur near this alignment of the Moon into the Uranus / Pluto square.

If violence can be avoided, this is a strong period for creativity (5th harmonic) and resolving old grievances (karma, 7th harmonic).

Moon, Neptune, Sun 5th Harmonic (Beginners) 2014-12

[Click to Enlarge]

Juno, Saturn, Chiron 7th Harmonic (Beginners) 2014-12

[Click to Enlarge]

Juno (trust issues) and Chiron (the wounded healer) are connected by a TriSeptile; both in turn connect by BiSeptiles to Saturn (hard work, tests, trials, and tribulations).  We have not seen any discussion of a pattern like this, but almost certainly it involves working through old wounds that resulted from violations of trust.  (We will name it a “Septile T” because it corresponds to a T-Square.)  Septiles (and biseptiles and triseptiles) are thought to be karmic and indicate that something “must” be done (or some form of deterioration will occur).  This particular pattern may involve, among other things, the trust that the public does, or does not, have regarding the police forces (and vice versa).

Astrologer Robert Wilkinson describes septiles thus: “Due to the non-rationality of the numbers produced when the circle is divided by 7, it is assumed that these aspects represent the non-rational points in the cycle. Thus on a personality level they show as obsessive or compulsive behavior, irrationality or strange inexplicable points in the process. And of course, as you know if you’ve been reading this column for any length of time, when operating as a transit they represent critical “forks in the road of destiny,” where we must choose which way we will define our personality and therefore our future.”

More on Septiles

We note that this follows a period of particularly intense Thor’s Hammers.  So, whatever happens here might actually be the culmination of the series of events associated with those.  And, to some degree, the results we have here are consequent to choices made earlier in August and September during the Grand Yod.

Other perspectives:

As potent as this Uranus/Pluto square is, we believe that it is the Septiles (and Quintiles) that will dramatically color how this powerful and unstable potential is expressed at this time.  Issues of trust and healing must be resolved.


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