The Diamond of Thanksgiving Day 2014

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Thanksgiving Day of 2014 is marked by a diamond pattern that lasts most of the day.  Here is the simplified chart:

Diamond of 2014-11-27 Thanksgiving Day

[Click to Enlarge]

We think this is a mostly benevolent pattern.  With Hygeia prominent and retrograde, health and healthcare issues will be at center stage.  This Thanksgiving many will be thinking about avoiding overeating and the perils to health that can bring.  Ceres and Venus (12 and 13 Sagittarius, respectively) will also emphasize this same theme.  The involvement of the nodes here tell us that some people will overdo it, and this may prompt a “wakeup call” for some.

Here is the same chart, but with an aspect grid and legends (Solar Fire “Beginners” chart):

Diamond of 2014-11-27 Thanksgiving Day (Beginners)

[Click to Enlarge]

A number of other interesting aspects are in play.  Venus (Sadge) is still square Chiron (Pisces) emphasizing healing issues further.  These may be emotional and familial rather than physical.  Sun has recently (the day before) completed a square to Neptune, which also emphasizes healing and mercy in the high form but can involve deception or drugs / alcohol in the low form.  Astraea is near a sign change (moving from Pisces to Aries) suggesting that some overdue justice may emerge in the days following Thanksgiving.

Here is the video of the pattern:

Here are some other commentaries on Thanksgiving, 2014:


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