New Moon October 2014 (Solar Eclipse)

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The New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) of October 23rd proves to have an interesting chart.  With an eighth house stellium in Scorpio when set here in Plano as well as Mars near Midheaven (MC), we expect the potential for some intense power struggles and intense transformations.

This intense eclipse is not entirely a surprise, given the recent “Grand Yod” of August and September (and effectively continuing to exert influence through November and into 2015), the Kite of October 5th through 12th (earlier this month), and Rosettas, Mystic Rectangle, and Thor’s Hammers that followed the kite.

Astrologically speaking, October 2014 has been a busy month.  And, this Solar Eclipse, producing a New Moon Stellium in Scorpio (in the eighth house in Plano, where the chart was cast), is no exception.

Maybe this year Halloween should fall on the 23rd!

Here is the chart:

2014-10 New Moon (Solar Eclipse)

[Click to Enlarge]

We see traditional planets Venus and Saturn joining the Sun/Moon in Scorpio and (local to Plano) in the eighth house.  Asteroids Ceres (food, food supplies, and issues of prosperity and famine) and Pallas (Justice and legal battles) are also part of this stellium.  NASA has provided a map of the path of the eclipse.  Per, this eclipse will be visible in New York City near sunset.  Wikipedia also has a page dedicated to this eclipse, replete with animations.

From a Solar Maps vantage point, the United States map is particularly interesting.  The corridor of the east coast from NYC to Boston is particularly affected by this eclipse.  Other planetary lines (Pluto / Node / Mercury) affect North Carolina and South Carolina.  A Mars line passes North to South through Shreveport, Louisiana (see, also, this link) and points due north of Shreveport (through Canada).  Des Moines IA is also affected by the same line that affects Shreveport.

A Jupiter line passes through Los Angeles, bringing likely prosperity to that region.  (This might be in the form of rain, literally.)  That same Jupiter line intersects Vesta a few hundred miles east of Boise ID.  (So, this point east of Boise ID would be great to hold some kind of “brainstorming” conference.)

Given that the motion picture industry is centered in Los Angeles, but important productions are now being made in Shreveport, we have to wonder what kind of the collaborations between the two are going to emerge over the course of the next year (or at least until the next eclipse).

Here is the map:

2014-10 Eclipse Map (United States)

[Click to Enlarge]

The Chiron / Neptune crossing south of Albuquerque NM indicates a need to resolve certain issues.  (This might be an important turning point for the CNVC. Happy 80th birthday to Marshall Rosenberg.)

We see an Astraea line passing near the center of Atlanta GA (and that emphasizes, at this time, any linkages Atlanta has to Paris, France).  We also note a Ceres line (Ceres at Midheaven) going through Vancouver and points north of Vancouver.

Below is an alternative U.S. Map:

2014-10 Eclipse Map (United States) 2


[Click to Enlarge]

While the state of Connecticut does not have any crossings, it does have THREE lines passing through this relatively small region (Sun, Moon, and Venus).  We expect the eclipse to be particularly “viewable” here near sunset, and we also expect this region to be strongly affected by the eclipse.

2014-10 Eclipse Map (CT)

[Click to Enlarge]

The West Indies are highly affected by this eclipse.  A number of lines run through Cuba.  Puerto Rico is HIGHLY affected by a concentration of the same lines that affect Connecticut (Sun, Moon, and Venus), but closer together (and, therefore, a bit amplified).  The Bahamas and Jamaica are affected by close alignment of the Mercury / Node lines.  (Interpretation of Mercury / Node: “it is fate that something must be said.”)

2014-10 Eclipse Map (West Indies)


[Click to Enlarge]

In the UK and Europe, we expect Latvia to be most highly affected, but the region including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belorus will be affected.  Paris is also affected.

2014-10 Eclipse Map (UK and Europe)


[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the chart for Paris (France, not Texas):

2014-10 Eclipse Chart (Paris)

[Click to Enlarge]

As regular reader Caroline wrote: “I have done the eclipse chart for Bristol and you may be interested to know that Astraea is 01aries 22 9th house side to the eclipse MC of 01aries49.”  We see Astraea at MC for Paris, France.  Note that this activates any linkages to Atlanta GA as being important at this time.  And it also means that questions of Justice will be particularly important for these regions.

We also note that a Uranus (Prometheus) MC (Midheaven) line directly affects Munich, Germany.  Given the rest of this chart, we expect profound events occur here.  We hope that these will be in the high form (powerful insights and scientific breakthroughs) rather than the low form (explosions).  Either or both could occur.  Germany is generally associated with Scorpio, so we expect that Germany is now at a critically important turning point (that may not fully manifest until after the Mercury Direct Station.

2014-10 Eclipse Chart (Munich Germany)

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the map of Germany and the surrounding area:

2014-10 Eclipse Map (Germany)

SE Asia is highly activated, as shown by this map:

2014-10 Eclipse Chart (SE Asia)


[Click to Enlarge]

First of all, we note that almost all of the “-stans” in the region, from Pakistan to Kazakhstan, have a Chiron on the Descendant line passing through them.  They are feeling pain and wounds (perhaps wounded egos or maybe physical wounds or fiscal wounds or all of these) and will be sensitive at this time.  The part of India that borders Pakistan is picked up by this also.  Otherwise, India is mostly untouched by this eclipse.

Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Malaysia pick up the Node / Mercury lines similar to the Bahamas / Jamaica lines described earlier.  (Essentially these are slightly different variations of the same line.  Interpretation of Mercury / Node: “it is fate that something must be said.”)  As with Atlanta / Paris, communications between this region and the corresponding region in the West Indies may prove to be important.

Particularly powerful are the lines that pass through Northern China (near Japan), Taipei, the northern edge of the Phillipines, and the eastern edge of Indonesia.  These lines correspond to the lines passing through New York, Connecticut, and (other) parts of New England.  These are the Sun / Moon / Venus lines from the eclipse, and they bring powerful changes to these regions.

Taipei is one of the most highly affected places in the world.  Here is the chart of the eclipse, relocated to Taipei:

2014-10 Eclipse (Taipei)

[Click to Enlarge]

 Looking for other commentary on this eclipse?  Try here:



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  2. I really love the information you provide to the’s very accurate and I share what I read with friends and family…thank you.


  3. I wasn’t happy with my chart for the eclipse ( 21.57 +11mins for Bristol time = 22.08 ) as I noted the sun and moon weren’t reading the same minutes (0deg. 25 and moon @ 0deg 31) …Thanks to the astrodienst site I noted they gave an exact time for the eclipse of 21.44 GMT with the new moon as at 21.57 GMT (Bristol UK time 21.55 and 22.08 )
    I don’t know why the eclipse is exact earlier than the new moon astronomically ! …. but this gives positions of 0deg 25 and moon @ 0deg 24
    So anyway I recast the chart of the eclipse (for Bristol) with this slightly earlier time , and now Astraea is @ 01aries23 in the 10th house , with the MC now @ 28pisces16 – instead of MC @ 01aries49 and Astraea @ 01aries22

    – At this point I can recommend everyone read the excellent article on this site about when an astrological point is not a point –

    HOWEVER before I lose everyone completely , this puts a VERY strong emphasis on this eclipse being about endings . While its not actually an MC of the anaretic degree the 29th , thats a good thing making it more decisive , 28pisces 16 is definitely IMO the end of the end and not at all about beginnings. The new moon , tho’ , is definitely about beginnings Big time just to confuse everything ! ………. I think we’ll have the eclipse sweep some stuff totally away while the new moon brings in completely new things.

    For some reason , I feel there’s going to be an inbuilt delay into things due to this eclipse/ MC in pisces end and new moon / MC in aries beginning as things change gear completely

    nb Astraea I’ve noted is retrograde until 21.11.14 ………. this is getting close to the next uranus pluto square exact of 15/12 and suggests things may start coming out in public then

    With Uranus in the 10th house @ 13aries53 and chiron in the 9th @ 13pisces33 , there’s a subtle interplay going on across the MC of unexpected shocks and surprising resolutions , and as the eclipse and new moon are both near the end of the 4th house of home these are going to impact on people’s most intimate areas of their lives – but for us here the part of fortune 25cancer22 is bang on the ascendent 25cancer21 ( cancer , security and home again) so I’m optimistic about outcomes

    However for everyone the moon will be carrying the energy of venus , so the outcomes should hopefully be beneficial !!! following a bumpy and confusing ride

    Please note the MC for the new moon for London is 28pisces48 so they will have an especially confused time as things try to start right at the end of things so I’m not sure new projects will work out unless they are about finishing things off there is an even stronger emphasis on endings.


    • As usual, I like your analysis. I note that much of this applies primarily to the UK / Western Europe specifically. And thanks for bringing up the article (and issue) re: when a point is not a point.

      What we see here is a number of markers that we are dealing with a transition point. That is, it is about BOTH beginings AND endings. A secret of the Zodiac is that it is a circle (no beginning or end). So, any given “ending” is always inherently a beginning as well. I think that the issues of a Uranian / Promethean (especially PROMETHEAN) nature are important here. I emphasize PROMETHEAN because it is not about the castrated sky god of Uranus but the enlightened fire-bringer / light bearer of Prometheus.

      At 0 Scorpio we have an emphasis on the darkest and most hidden of secrets being touched by the Sun and the Moon but with other planets threatening exposure. Will we have another incident similar to Wikileaks / Edward Snowden? (Or will they bring new issues to light?) The analysis you provide indicates that the exposure to light may likely occur in the UK / Western Europe.

      But these aspects apply on many levels (“as above, so below”). So we are likley to see “small scale” individual revelations / enlightenments as well as “large scale” ones.

      As an aside, until the eclipse occurs, this could be an opportunity to locate some VERY good bargains (in terms of shopping).


  4. I forgot to say :
    1 I like your reference to power struggles , and the allied ref re prometheus – any expansion ?
    2 How do you see the rosetta the next day applying to this ?


    • Great questions! If I were writing a NOVEL (work of fiction) based on this, I would do it something like this:

      1. The work day ends, possibly on Wall Street (“Closing Bell” and such), and at a “secret meeting” is commenced between four (4) people with two (2) assistants. Alternatively, this could be four offices of an intelligence agency (or four intelligence agencies!) located in New York, London, Paris, and Taipei. (Could make it six and add in Munich Germany and somewhere in one of the “-stans.”)

      2. The critical point in the meeting occurs at the culmination of the eclipse.

      3. After the meeting, other meetings occur the next day(s) (circa Oct 24/25) and alliances emerge (the Rosetta).

      4. Someone (probably Germany) takes decisive action and an “event” occurs (Mercury Direct Station). Travel to the West Indies would likely be involved.

      Could make a VERY good spy novel!

      Edit: I recalled that one (or more) of the (James) Bond movies involved travel to the West Indies and ran a search based on the two together. Here is what I found:

      As an aside, birds (particularly predators such as hawks and eagles) are tied to Scorpio.


  5. […] of you ran a search for “astraea paris october eclipse.”  I went back and checked my post on that eclipse, the most recent solar eclipse, and indeed an astraea line is dead center on Paris at the time of […]


  6. your remarks about germany have proved dead on ………..amongst other things. …cuba….

    airplane crashes indonesia – mercury node ???who was on the plane ….?
    an intense eclipse indeed


    • Yes, I had forgotten about my work on the West Indies. The map says it is bigger than just Cuba, but Cuba is the story that is being given to the public. More to that story than meets the eye. (At least that is what the maps are saying.)

      Germany was emphasized again by a map I ran on the death of the Kouachi brothers but did not publish. I regretted not mentioning it when I saw an event in Germany exactly on the line a day or so later. But, of course, nobody believes you if you “predict” the event after it happens. (Maybe next time.)

      Still not sure what is going on with the air crashes in Indonesia. The lines are Sun / Moon / Venus on ascendant (which usually is benevolent). Those same lines touch the Philipines and parts of China. Mercury / Node are passing through nearby Singapore. SE Asia has been extremely active in general.

      Thanks for noting this. I have made 303 posts, and once a post is more than a few weeks old I tend to forget about it (unless it comes up in a search I do for a new article). (One exception: the influence of Algol in the series of disasters in 2010, culminating with the Deepwater Horizon. THAT was pretty unforgettable.)


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