October 2014 Rosetta, Mystic Rectangle and Thor’s Hammer

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These aspects (the Rosetta, Mystic Rectangle, and Thor’s Hammer) repeat several times in October 2014.  We have seen a similar pattern before: the Tokyo Earthquake of 2011.  If we will see some kind of earthquake or meltdown remains to be seen, but lately the NYSE seems to have been a bit shakey.

We omit the Rosettas of Oct 2nd and Oct 10th as being similar to that of Oct 24th and note that they are similar and that in some important way these dates are tied together.  (Hindsight will likely elucidate how.)  Instead, we begin with the Mystic Rectangle of October 12th (which began as the Kite described in a previous post broke formation).

Mystic Rectangle of 2014-10-12

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We note that Moon trines Venus and Mars trines Uranus.  Mars and the Sun are sextile as are the Moon and Uranus.  This is a powerful day for purposes of creativity for anyone who seized it.  For others, the day seemed a bit irritable and maybe even odd.  Some atypical romances may have started on this date that will turn out to have “staying power” much to the surprise of many.

Next, we look at the Thor’s Hammer of October 15th (one of several this month):

Thors Hammer of 2014-10-15

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We worry about “things going boom” on this date (October 15th) and on the next (October 18th):

Thors Hammer of 2014-10-18

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We believe that these two days (and possibly the period between them) are particularly dangerous in terms of explosive things and explosive people.

Finally, we present the Rosetta of October 24th.  It “bookends” this series of patterns in October, AND it precedes the Mercury Direct Station (meaning that some things have been boiling and will pop after the direct station):

Rosetta of 2014-10-24

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that the Rosetta occurs after the New Moon in Scorpio and (again) just before the Mercury Direct Station: a number of “things” will “take off” (in some big way) after October 25th.  For some, I might add, this will be an excellent period to launch creative projects.

Recall that we are also working through the Grand Yod of 2014.  Whatever new path you have been testing, now is the time to blend in your most creative ideas and focus your efforts to more fully launch your journey along that path.

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