Kite of October 5th through October 12th

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We have a kite in play from October 5th through the 12th.  This is an unusually long window, maintained by the fact that, as the Sun moves out of its place in the kite, Venus will move in to continue it.

Kites can be extremely “lucky” periods and Uranus (aka “Prometheus”) features prominently in this one.  Capture your best ideas, no matter how crazy they may sound, during this time period.  Some amazing gifts may come to you, and when you look back you may realize that those ideas were not so “crazy” after all.

Here is one variant of the chart (a number exist because the window is so large):

Kite of Oct 5 to 12 2014[Click to Enlarge]

If you can recall what you were doing between 3:57 CDT and 4:51 CDT (that is Plano time, please adjust for your Time Zone, of course), and what ideas came to you at that time, you would find the notes that you generate to have great potential to improve your life.  Also important is October 9th which has a quintile kite.

Here is another analysis of this kite that I like.

A number of interesting aspects are happening this October, including a Rosetta, a Mystic Rectangle, and several (gulp!) Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) patterns.  (We saw a similar set of patterns in the Tokyo Earthquake of March 11, 2011.)  These are not particularly common aspects (often having a period of years between occurrences), and we expect October 2014 to be an “interesting” month.

Stay tuned for more.


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  2. Why is this aspect different from a grand trine?


    • The aspect includes a grand trine (which is quite important all by itself) but goes beyond a GT to a larger pattern that has additional implications. The Kite, unlike the GT, has a focal planet. This has the advantage of acting metaphorically as a “seed crystal” to make things happen. In this particular case, the focal planet is first the Sun, soon replaced by Venus, opposing Uranus (Prometheus). In that case, we can expect the unexpected: potentially powerful insights and shifts in consciousness leading the list. This is an opportunity to be truly innovative. (Pay attention to those fleeting ideas! Use a notepade or a camera or both!)


      • brill reply very useful
        nb venus has a war aspect , does she not ??? – in play here ?


      • Well, (smile), Venus in “hard aspects” (conjunct, opposite, or square) Uranus is actually associated with “kinky sex” and sometimes more extreme perversions. Venus/Uranus can also be an old/young (aka “May/December”) romance in some cases. Being in the 5th house (of gambling and speculation, as well as romance), we expect to see some rather large gambling wins (and related losses depending on which side of the table you sit).

        I would only think of Venus as being clearly associated with war if we had an “afflicted” Venus character. Grant Lewi describes Adolf Hitler precisely as a such an afflicted Venus character, with some rather interesting relations with Saturn (described in “Astrology for the Millions”). I do not see such an aspect here (did I miss it?), but I do note that Venus moves into a Grand Cross from 11 degrees to 14 degrees.


      • I think it varies as to whether she is in morning or evening star mode and I’m not sure which applies here – do you know ?
        the venus uranus info is interesting and pertinent

        can you elaborate on this grand cross ? Perhaps a new post with england map etc and some gems ?
        TA ! xxx


  3. eclipse 23rd , rosetta ? 24th , mercury direct 26th busy period !!!

    I have done the eclipse chart for Bristol and you may be interested to know that Astraea is 01aries 22 9th house side to the eclipse MC of 01aries49 ……….!


    • That is an interesting point, and I have integrated it (including a quote of your comment) into my eclipse entry!


      • ta ! xxx


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