Full Moon of September of 2014

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Here is the Full Moon chart for September of 2014, set in Plano, TX:

Full Moon for 2014 September

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that this particular Full Moon is preceded by a Double Yod Key that occupies most of the day.  (Compare this to the Double Yod Keys of Spring 2013.  What decisions did you make at that time?  You may revisit them now and again on November 8th.)  To be sure, this is another punctuation mark indicating that this is a period of decision-making, of “forks in the road.”

Double Yod Key of 2014-09-08


The ongoing Jupiter / Neptune / Pluto yod is one part of the DYK, the other involves Moon / Mercury / Jupiter.  Mercury square Pluto (harsh words, arguments, fights, and at least wounded feelings) is part of the picture.  We are living in “interesting times.”

But [in response to XCD’s request, below], what does this mean?  Well, the key is to remember that any given Yod is a “fork in the road,” a place where we are faced with a decision and dissatisfied with the alternatives.  Here we have an two interconnected, or interlaced, “forks in the road” (yods) that are connected by Mercury Square Pluto (harsh words and possibly violence).

A MINIMUM of two major decisions will face us as individuals and small groups, and we will see a similar set of decisions on a global scale.  (Why?  Astrology is recursive and arguably “fractal” in nature: “As above, so below” means that the pattern in the sky is reflected in multiple levels of human affairs.)  Since “triple yod keys” and so forth are rare (or maybe impossible), the two interlaced yods are a symbol for “multiple” (i.e. two or MORE) decisions.  Expect at least two on this full moon.

* recursive:  http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Recursion.html

* fractal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fractal

Want to know more about Double Yod Keys?  This discussion provides interesting commentary.

[XCD: does that help?]

Per Caroline’s request, here is the map for Europe and the UK:


And here is the chart, relocated to London:



We see Pluto at Midheaven and South Node in the 12th house (having risen about half an hour before culmination).  The Jupiter / Pluto quincunx is in full force, just past perfection on the Friday before (the time these notes are being written).  This is a time of excess and could be a time of serious danger and risk in London / UK.  Personally, I would stay home.  To quote a line from the movie “The Crow,” “…bad people out on the street tonight.”

Compare, also, the interlocking Double Yod Keys on November 8th described earlier.


  1. GT you are back. I know you might be busy. It helps if you describe a bit more for rookies.


    • Thanks for the encouragement! Good to see you, too. I will expand the post.


      • please do expand it asap please -for help in advance


  2. Yes. Thank you very much. An explanation of this nature is good to have when you posts charts.


  3. Very good as usu ………..if only u didn’t drop us just a few pearls occasionally: you are clearly very knowledgeable
    Also very helpful as usual
    how does this affect S west England in particular ? IF it does – does it ?


    • I think it does affect England. I have updated my post per your question. (Also, good to see you again!)


      • in fact we have Astraea conjunct exact the MC here in Bristol …..I didn’t recognise the glyph you had on the MC line on the europe map , so I looked it up .Its EXTREMELY relevant ( astro never ceases to amaze me …..) I don’t get the pluto : my Raphael’s giving me a GMT so U T of 01 :38am ??? on 09th September. ………..This gives me the Astraea asteroid Exact as I said
        I have been absent due to being offline due to the (serious) criminals next door hacking me repetitively and that has been the least of it : perverts webcamming us with our own laptops as a minor aspect of situation – didn’t know ppl could so such a thing Know a lot more now !
        still cant do emails
        natal planets with significant links into the major aspects alas could do with an ” aspect break ” !!! hohoho
        xxx blessings

        ps is there anything left of Boulder Colorado following the see aye a deluge a year ago?


      • Many of us are experiencing serious strife currently, particularly with regard to the internet and privacy issues (myself included). Interpretation of Astraea is not within my area of expertise. (I could try, but I bet you could do a better job.) Since you are a long-time visitor of some years, I will give you voice if you want to give it a shot. You have the chart(s) and map, so feel free to give it whirl.


  4. Venting time. What a Friday at work! I am trying a fix a issue which is out of norms and i have tons of questions. What the F*** is wrong with them?? I mean if they needed visibility create a better experience, if not just don’t capitalize on some else honest work! I work for worlds top 10 fortune companies (this may be derogatory) just can’t say the company name. Never the less full moon and i am off on Monday!
    Puff GT! I still don’t understand i can so easily be manipulated! Can you look at my chart?


  5. wow what an accolade
    my best hunch is that as the virgin goddess of justice Astraea is going to illuminate and sort out child sex abuse cases with some sort of culmination effect …..
    I forgot Bristol is 11 mins behind gmt so its 2.49 am realtime – which brings Uranus even closer to the MC point while taking Astraea off it and into the 9th house – for Bristol. However re London she’s exactly on the MC I think this is to do with the public enquiry into Childsexabuse by “mps and the great” historically – its an endgame as well or the beginning of the end……….. they just appointed the new woman to be heading it up , we have had Rotherham in the news a lot (look that up its horrific/hundreds of kids abused by loads of Pakistanis for a dozen years and more)

    I don’t think its good news for the paedophiles there are unexpected shocks due

    The moon is also conjunct chiron healing the painful past at best and always pain with chiron in the 9th house of law , while the sun (authorities?) is in the 3rd house ( school children ?), just, a more powerful position illuminating the issues .

    The north node destiny point is into the 4th house of home ; pallas Athena is conjunct the IC (3rd house side) almost exact – a warrior goddess is opposing Uranus squaring pluto and sextile Jupiter in the first house!
    Meanwhile Neptune the great dissolver who respects no boundaries, is in the 8th house of sex death and endings , opposing venus as an object – possession to be used – in the second
    That’s my reasoning
    Legal conflict and endgames : unexpected shocks and disruption
    with vesta conjunct Saturn in the 4th house and Jupiter quincunx pluto in the 6th I think the goddesses are on the case

    And I agree not a good night at that time of morning !

    Thank you very much for the priviledge xxx


    • Feel free to add more analyses in the future. Your voice is worth being heard.


      • thank you very kind of you -just an amateur but very interested. I don’t know how to post links or charts : I use the astrodienst site and reckoned anyone interested would do their own with time and place given


      • I use Solarfire as my primary tool (augmented sometimes by other tools). Some of the tools I use are freeware and can be found here: http://www.soulhealing.com/freeastrologysoftware.htm A few I like: ChronosXP (sadly, no longer updated); ZET (but I usually use SF instead); and the Allen Edwall family of tools. I used Astrolog in the past, but the UI is terribly overdue for an update. As I have mentioned a number of times, I also use PAT (which is not freeware but is quite inexpensive).

        As far as posting links and charts go, you would need to start your own WordPress blog. They tend to be easy to manage, and I would be glad to link to your blog entries if you were to start such a blog.


  6. full moon GMT = 01.49 @ Bristol uk


  7. Incidently great Britain lies between the paths of Jupiter law etc and bigging things up in first , and juno partners and secret enemies in the 12th
    and mercury arguments and debate I forgot to say is also close to the IC near pallas athena


    • Yes, and I forgot to mention in this analysis that Moon conjoins Chiron while Sun opposes it. Either aspect is a one that causes us to examine our wounds, particularly unhealed old wounds that continue to cause us problems (all wounds: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Moon/Chiron in Pisces is the most sensitive of all, with the Sun in critical Virgo. This is a good time to purge out old problems. Watch out for criminals and scammers. And, alternatively (as you mentioned) this is a time to bring scammers, bullies, and criminals to justice.

      Darkstar has an interesting analysis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dv6cSKcElUs


      • ah ,yes very well delineated. I didn’t know that re pisces position. but it seems now intuitively obvious ! as an amateur I don’t use the signs so much as the houses yet because as you know its an extra level of complexity ! and takes a long time to judge
        But what I thought was , as you look more and more into it , the whole chart just keeps backing it up – so eg ,
        in horary I believe it would be seen as a true chart that could be used but here of course it IS , because it IS the real life full moon


      • I like the idea of sometimes borrowing Horary techniques for analyzing Event charts (especially celestial events). While I strongly suspect many would argue that breaks tradition, one premise of this site is that our driver is what seems to work as opposed to tradition or preconceived notions. Said differently, if a method appears to be useful in making predictions (or maybe post-dictions), then we keep it. If it is not useful, we discard it.

        That said, different people “see” different things in charts. This was (and is) the basis of my method called “SUMO” (Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles). Any notion of “superiority” only stems from the ability to correctly predict. The rest does not matter.


  8. Thank you incidently for your very personally reassuring and authoritative final
    ” judgement ” on the matter – bringing paedophiles scammers bullies and criminals to justice is just what we want
    here’s hoping !


  9. look up professor alexis jay : report : ………the guardian on 27 08 14 just after the new moon
    Blatant failures of political and police leadership contributed to the sexual exploitation of 1,400 children in Rotherham over a 16-year period, according to an uncompromising report published in the aftermath of allegations of gang rape and trafficking in the South Yorkshire town.

    Written by Prof Alexis Jay, a former chief inspector of social work, the investigation concluded that the council knew as far back as 2005 of sexual exploitation being committed on a wide scale by mostly Asian men, yet failed to act.

    Jay’s report is particularly critical of the authorities’ failure to engage properly with the 8,000-strong members of Rotherham’s Pakistani-heritage community. Akhtar, deputy leader until he lost his seat in May, told Jay he had not understood the scale of the child exploitation problem in Rotherham until 2013. Jay writes: “He was one of the elected members who said they thought the criminal convictions in 2010 were ‘a one-off, isolated case’, and not an example of a more deep-rooted problem of Pakistani-heritage perpetrators targeting young white girls. This was at best naive, and at worst ignoring a politically inconvenient truth”

    so what were they doing to the british pakistani women and girls ? says my daughter………..


    • An amazing transformation is coming. We will see systemic changes beyond what any of the bad guys have anticipated. This is a bit like DNA evidence, the innocence project, and the budding awareness of just how bad prosecutorial / police misconduct can be. (e.g. Mike Nifong, etc.) All of it is rooted in corruption, a system that protect the bullies and criminals and victimizes the just and fair. But, the winds of change are a-blowin’….



  10. Ive just found this full moon stuff : the culmination of above : sarah champion mp for Rotherham :
    “I welcome Martin’s decision to step down today. Children in my constituency have been let down appallingly by those charged with protecting them. I have called for Martin to be held accountable for his managerial failings. He was Chief Executive of the Council and
    It was unbelievable that Martin announced no disciplinary or criminal action would be taken in the wake of Alexis Jay’s report. 1400 children and 1400 families in Rotherham were let down by our council, and the victims deserve better than just two weeks of media scrutiny. Those in child protection who failed to care for our children must be held to account.
    people can do their own searches – astrology works !

    but nb my chart was for Bristol and I am interested in matters closer to home


    • Just searched on “Rotherham,” and it looks like a coverup is in progress. (Destruction of evidence.) Those who would have justice must act quickly.

      re: Bristol: not sure what you mean (or are asking).


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