Full Moon January 2014

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This Full Moon is highly activated.  Expect combinations of weirdness and unexpected events along with rare opportunities that open for only the briefest of moments.  If you do choose to grab the “brass ring,” you may have to work for those lotto winnings, but it will be worth it.  Watch out for things (and people) who go “boom.”  Relationships are strained, and emotions run high.  Your mother might surprise you (or have an accident).

More than most full moons, the lunatics will be in full regalia.  Speaking of (dangerous) lunatics, does anyone have birth data for Curtis Reeves, the retired police officer who shot someone for text messaging?  (If that link is broken, try this one or this one.)

For the upcoming Full Moon (of January 2014), several hotspots are present in the maps.  The East Coast of the U.S. is affected by Moon / Mars / Vesta / Ceres.  Because of other activations, Middle East diplomacy becomes a big issue at this time.

Here is the basic chart for the Full Moon of January 2014:

Full Moon January 2014 1-8-2014 5-38-19 PM[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the Horary version for those who wish to have those details:

Full Moon Jan 2014 (H Version) 1-8-2014 5-42-30 PM[Click to Enlarge]

Full Moon January 2014 US Map:

Full Moon Jan 2014 US Map 1-8-2014 5-51-00 PM[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the UK / Europe Map:

Full Moon Jan 2014 UK and Europe Map 1-8-2014 5-53-01 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

The UK and most of Western Europe is relatively quiet at this time.  So is India, but…

Full Moon January 2014 for India:

Full Moon Jan 2014 India 1-8-2014 5-57-19 PM[Click to Enlarge]

We see that Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the countries to the north of Afghanistan are highly activated.

Full Moon 2014 for China and Korea:

Full Moon January 2014 for China and Korea 1-8-2014 5-59-22 PM[Click to Enlarge]

China is also highly activated at this time.

Full Moon Jan 2014 Japan and SE Asia:

Full Moon Jan 2014 Japan and SE Asia 1-8-2014 6-01-41 PM[Click to Enlarge]

While Japan is relatively quiet, much of SE Asia is active, particularly Indonesia and Malaysia.

Full Moon Jan 2014 Australia and NZ:

Full Moon Jan 2014 Australia and NZ 1-8-2014 6-03-40 PM[Click to Enlarge]

Australia also has some activation.



  1. Hi there,
    I was wondering can we use astrology to change our futures for the better or is the future set in stone and we just have to accept it and learn to cope?
    What I mean is, can we actually make our future better or is our path already been decided by a higher order?
    Thank you


    • You are asking a fundamental question in which the word “astrology” can have any of a number of terms substituted.

      For example, your question could be worded like this:

      “I was wondering can we use the government to change our futures for the better or do we have to accept the government the was it is and learn to cope?”

      The answer to the question depends on you and your desires and abilities as well as the nature of specific issues.


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