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2013 has been a challenging year for all of us.  Time has just not been available to address a number of important astrological events in October and November of 2013.  We will analyze these in hindsight.  (Not our preferred approach, but necessary in this case.)  Starting some time in December 2013 (or possibly January 2014), we should provide more of the kinds of analytic posts that we have provided in the past.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Yes I agree about the nature of the months of October and November being heavy months astrologically (and we haven’t even finished November yet).
    Paramount would be the square between tPluto and tUranus and its effects on the world stage although I believe we will see more of a general diffusion of the effects this time since Uranus is retrograde at least during part of the exactitude of the square. Many people are perhaps feeling the intense pressures which come as a result of these energies but manifest in loss of job, or cutsin pay due to sluggish economic factors. Neo-liberialist influences continue to reek havoc with our goverment by cutting or in so cases eliminating altogether food stamps. In the last several days just a curosy look at the news trending shows several mulitiple shooting in several different parts of the country…so far however the middle East seems relatively quiet but that only may mean much is not being reported…
    The Sun is making its way through Scorpio which means its conjuction with tSatrun and trine with both tNeptune and tJupiter which may give us some echoes of the grandtrine in water expereinced in July and August ealier this year. Its academy award time at the movies and there are some very good candidates this year. I have seen the Butler and 12 years a Slave both dealing with issues of slavery, racism and White Supremacy and for once the story teller have not sugar coated the story but there are some other heavy weights coming out including Monuments Men, Osage County and Mandela all of this points I believe to the planets in water whether in orb of aspect or not and how these influences are mixing with the Uranus/Pluto square. Obviously the health care debates and the misleading information from both sides but especially the insanity being promoted by the Republicans is indicative of these transits and too perhaps the lack of leadership of any kind from any where around the world.
    Personally I had an adventure last Wednesday at a computer lad and community center I frequent in which there were problems with the computers I know was due to the retrograde Mercury. Just some comments as we wait to see what will unfold in the next few weeks as we approach the end ot the year.


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