Venus Trines Neptune: Short Lived Romances with a twist or four

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Venus trines Neptune roughly twice a year, and that event is associated with short-lived romances.  Sometimes the “romance” is a business deal.  Venus is beauty, and Neptune is the higher form of Venus that often involves deception.  (Or is it that beauty inherently involves deception: cosmetic surgery and teeth whitening and the cosmetics counter in the drug store, what is all that about?)

This year, a variety of other aspects are involved and make the trine on September 14th more interesting.  Moon (both the more general aspect of being female and the more general aspect of, well, everybody) conjoins Pluto (sex, power, control, intrigue, maybe death) and square Uranus (surprises, sometimes innovation but often accidents) earlier in the day, prior to Venus aspecting Neptune.  It is quite a mix.

But, as they say on late night infomercials, “there’s more.”  Mars has recently squared Saturn (is this a big deal?  If you don’t think so, take a look at the birth chart of Adolph Hitler.  Grant Lewi seemed to think Mars Square Saturn was the key to understanding Hitler), with Mars in Leo (Kings, Management, power (overt)) and Saturn in Scorpio (same as Pluto: sex, power (underhanded), control, intrigue and death).  Ouch!  AND Mars is applying to a trine to Uranus (described in the previous paragraph).

Arguably, Jupiter is part of some kind of “super grand trine”: Jupiter and (1) Venus / Neptune; (2) Venus / Chiron; (3) Saturn / Neptune; and (4) Saturn / Chiron.  That is, we can identify four (4) inter-linked grand-trines here.  This can be very good for fortune and fame for some people, but the Venus / Neptune connection tends to not last long.  (Can Saturn “fix” that problem in this case?  Unsure.)

A number of other major aspects are in play here as well.  While this is not a “textbook” pattern like a Diamond, I think we can safely say that something *BIG* is operating here astrologically.

And, what comes on the heels of this is even more interesting: Venus moves on to conjoin Saturn (causing a number of projects formed now to come crashing down when “reality” sets in), the North Node (“karma,” and god only knows what that will mean in this case), and then another precise trine, on September 20th, with Chiron (healing and “lessons learned”).

I think some interesting babies will be “made” now (both actual human babies as well as metaphorical ones, meaning various projects or business ventures).  Many, if not most, of the romances started now will not last.  But, the children will, and they will be very, very interesting.  Here are the two charts (really, I should case four, but I am just showing Venus/Neptune and Venus/Chiron, omitting the Venus/Saturn and Venus/Node charts as an exercise left to the more enterprising reader):

Venus Trine Neptune 9-13-2013 2-27-08 PM

Venus Trine Neptune

[Click to Enlarge]

Venus Trine Chiron 9-13-2013 2-31-44 PM

Venus Trine Chiron

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  1. Interesting… My North node Saturn and Venus are all in 1st house. My natal Saturn was at 9 degrees.


  2. Yes well I wasn’t planning to take a look at this so what I have to say will be off-the- cuff so to speak and astrology really is better when things are studied and thought about before commentary is made though this is migrated the more active we practice and the more competent we are. The author points to several configurations in an interesting astrological mix which actually began when Jupiter entered Cancer. While there are a number of ways to delineate these various configurations it seems to me the major theme throughout has to do with the dynamic relationship between the Grand-Cross and the Grand-Trine. Since Jupiter went into Cancer the following planets and significators have been involved in the Grand-trine relationship: Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus, the North Node and Chiron, Also, however Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Venus and Mercury and soon the Sun will participate or have participated in a Grand-Cross as well. The salient features of all of this are: Jupiter in Cancer seems to be the most important since it participates in both focal determinators and is in it’s exaltation. Saturn seems significant since it is in one of the configurations (the Grand Trine) while also in mutual reception with Pluto which is involved in the other configuration (the Grand Cross). Neptune is also important since it is in its own sign and shares an affinity with Jupiter by virtue of shared rulership of both Sagittarius and Pisces and is also exalted in Cancer. It appears the current episode of the crises in the middle east which has been dominated by the conflict with Syria seems to express the tensions of the Grand-Cross especially the transiting square between Uranus and Pluto which will be exact at least three more times between now and 2016. The world appears to have dodged a bullet since bombs and chemicals have Uranus, Pluto and Mars all over them but the trine and mutual reception appears to be working since the Russian peace initiative…stay tuned. On the more personal Venus trine Neptune note, there is the chance of the “ideal romantic encounter” the transit won’t last long enough for a romance let alone a full blown relationship although what is begun now may gain serious legs when Venus does conjoin Saturn in a few weeks. The deception of Neptune is fundamental the result it seems to me of one of two things, either the native is naïve and trusting and therefore susceptible to the unscrupulous machinations of someone who is intentionally deceitful, or the native themselves are either intentionally deceitful toward some one else or otherwise is playing on themselves regarding what they think they know or can do but in fact are really incompetent or not qualified and either don’t know it or won’t admit it. Any native will benefit from this trine if they have the capacity and willingness to be honest which is the best way to deal with most of the trans-Saturnian transits especially the squares and oppositions. The problem is being able to manifest the requsite degree of honest at the right moment. This period of astrological activity needs much more analysis for us to gain the insights to the working of our artful science that we so desperately need in this time of crisis and change. A couple of weeks or so it was announced a research team some where in Europe was able to produce hamburger from stem cells in a laboratory, last week it was announced that a “miniature brain” had been “grown” in a laboratory as well as the ability of one scientist to move the finger on the hand of another scientist through a command given via a computer.
    I am certain an astrological justification can be established having to do with the Uranus-Pluto square for all of these scientific events. Artistically it might be noticed there are more quality movies coming out during the next few months with major star in them then has been out in a while which can be attributed I think to the influence of Neptune in Pisces which is just beginning to be felt…again stay tuned. Anyway these are just some thoughts in passing. I still full intend to attempt a very in depth study and presentation of the entire period outlined by Pluto ingress in to Capricorn from 2008-2024 (including the overlap with Neptune which won’t leave Pisces until 2026). This promise to be a very important and significant generation for the human community. I believe this is where we sink or swim so as the blind man said, “we’ll see”! Ashe!


    • Your reply is a bit hard to read, perhaps because of the quirks of WordPress. That said, if you read some of my older entries you will find some of the ideas you are covering in your entry. In particular, I offered in an earlier post that I think this is a more important year, astrologically, than 2012 because of the outer planet Grand Trine. You are right about the interactions with the Grand Cross, but those do now show themselves as clearly this year as they do next year (2014). Probably some time in December 2013 or January 2014 I will start addressing the Grand Cross in my entries. And, I have written a number of times about Pluto in Capricorn. The only thing that surprises me is that we seem to have come out of the economic slump. I thought that the economic problems would last for the entirety of 2008-2024, but I suppose I must admit that I got that one wrong. Even so, I still think that this (Pluto in Capricorn) will necessarily be a very “conservative” time in terms of fiscal policy. (And, if “we” (Wall Street, etc.) play fast and loose again, then we will pay an even bigger price than we did in 2008.)


  3. […] Venus trine Neptune tends to be a “feel good” day, and sometimes it can be too much of a feel good day.  Things often seem better than they really are, and a wakeup call awaits us later.  Be careful of romance (or business) with a new partner today; after the New Moon / Mercury Retrograde station you may have a powerful change of heart.  Just enjoy the day without a particular commitment just yet. […]


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