Ariel Castro found hanging

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Here is the chart for Ariel Castro found hanging.  The Pluto / MC alignment makes a strong statement:


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Exactly what this chart means is difficult to tell.  However, independent of the chart, his death so soon seems too merciful to him.  The details of his hanging have not been made public.  If this was a suicide, then how did such a high profile prisoner achieve that?

If this was a murder, one that likely will never be investigated in a meaningful way or prosecuted, then the intruder likely entered the cell at 9:06 PM +/- 1 minute (when Uranus, surprises, rose).  Uranus enters the 12th and Neptune aligns on the 12th house cusp a minute later.  The intruder used deception, perhaps someone pretending to be checking on the “well being” of Castro.  Another two minutes later, and Neptune enters the 11th, placing Uranus and Neptune in mutual reception by house.  The deception, and element of surprise, deepens.

By 9:10 PM, the struggle had began but did not last long.  Only a few minutes without oxygen were needed for the deed to be mostly complete, with him “found” by “about 9:20.”  (Probably between 9:18 PM and 9:19 PM, when Pluto was at Midheaven).

Neptune conjoins Midheaven at 10:48 PM, with Pluto entering the 8th (House of Death) a few minutes before that.  He was “prounounced” at 10:52 PM.

This is all speculation, of course.  And, it is very sinister on many levels.  His death means that we have been cheated of the justice that would have come from him being incarcerated for a very, very long time.

But, maybe he really did commit suicide.



  1. I didnt think so either ………..not likely and well known these types of crime criminals get attacked etc in prison
    ppl say they will do it to them , and so on
    the criminals r sometimes kept solitary cos of liklihood of attack ;but u imply authorities – also possible.
    nice bit of astro fitting by you !


    • First, thanks for the compliment! I thought I would take a little more of a risk this time. With the Boston Marathon bombing, I saw *TWO* actors but did not state it at the time (BEFORE they were identified and caught) because I wanted to be conservative in my description. This time, I am going out a little further on the limb.

      With Neptune doing the dance that was done, all we know is that (if he was murdered) he somehow trusted someone. We do not know if it was an inmate he trusted (perhaps a trustee), a nurse, a guard, a priest, or someone else (that is not obvious to us). Again, two were likely involved (Neptune and Uranus). I am a little suspicious of the idea that he used a bedsheet to hang himself. How many people would know how to do this effectively? Would you?


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