Solar Eclipse (May, 2013 aka New Moon May, 2013)

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We have a Solar Eclipse at hand, visible in the South Pacific from Australia and other nearby locations.  Here is the chart, set for Plano:

Solar Eclipse May 2013 5-9-2013 12-12-30 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Astrology traditionally views eclipses as being highly malefic (bad).  They are agents of change, and major shifts sometimes occur for some people in the days near (before or after) an eclipse.

This one has a precise (less than one degree) conjunction to Pallas.  This speaks loudly to women who are warriors, whether by choice or by forced situation.  The three women in Cleveland who recently escaped from being held captive come to mind.  We wish them well, and we hope they find justice against their oppressors.


  1. desperately and urgently need more info re warrior and forced circumstance


    • Look into the significance of the asteroid Pallas for more information. I like this one: That sight includes, among other comments: “Pallas also rules the relationship between father and daughter. It is also representative of the Warrior Woman and the fight to escape from oppressive male domination. On the negative side, it also rules such things as incest and abuse.” The situation with the three women held captive seems to be all about Pallas issues (among other things).


      • fight to escape from oppressive male domination sums it up perfectly : the male being mainly my local police force and also slightly a very nasty small time criminal abusive male neighbour any further comments gratefully received ! natal sun 08scorpio21


      • Sorry for the slow response. Well, as you already know, you are dealing w/ Saturn conjunct your natal sun. The good news is that, if you can find any relief from these matters, it will stick with you for a long time. (Probably about 28 to 30 years.) Neptune is trining Saturn now, so maybe you can find someone like an investigative reporter to take an interest.


      • is this an astrological reccommendation?


      • That’s a good question. I suppose it could be….


  2. Wondering what that man Ariel Castro’s chart looks like for a man who could abduct and keep those women captive for ten years?? Any ideas??


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