Full Moon, April 2013

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Here is the full moon chart for April, 2013.

Full Moon April 25 (Basic) 4-20-2013 12-40-55 AMFull Moon April 25 (Beginner) 4-20-2013 12-46-42 AM[Click on Image to Enlarge]

As you might notice, the Moon is close to Saturn, and the Sun is close to Mars.  Mars and Saturn are not (yet) in opposition, but this lunation highlights the opposition that soon follows.  With the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus, we expect some power struggles to “come to a head” at this time, or just after when Mars opposes Saturn.

California in particular, and the western part of the United States, are highly activated at this time.  Here is the map:

Full Moon April 2013 (US Map) 4-20-2013 12-49-11 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

What new dramas will emerge in the west at this time?  We cannot say.  But, we expect something.

Update: we have quite a bit of interest in this Full Moon (traffic is four time heavier than usual), so for your convenience I have the following links:  (I cannot vouch for any of the content, this is just to help you navigate.)

Update (4/27):  Minor Earthquakes in California in a region near the lines on the above map:

Here is a map of the UK and Europe for this Full Moon (and Eclipse).  I note that Ireland and Scotland are highly activated by this event.  (Keeping in mind the activation of California, do we have any Scots or Irish living there?  How about Californians in Ireland or Scotland?  Could be interesting.)

Full Moon Europe 4-25-2013 2-37-38 AM

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

Here is a map for Australia and New Zealand.  Quite a bit of activity there, too, but what leaps out are the close proximity of Pluto and Uranus lines, not too far from Darwin.  (What is it about Darwin?)

Full Moon April (Aus-NZ) 4-25-2013 2-45-02 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

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