New Moon April 2013

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This year, the Aries New Moon activates certain parts of the United States.  (More on this in a moment.)  Here is the basic chart:

New Moon April 2013 3-29-2013 11-05-41 AM New Moon (Begin) 3-29-2013 11-12-33 AM

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You will notice that this chart is dominated by Fire as an element.  Fire is not necessarily literally fire(s), but can be explosions both literal (an oil rig explodes) or figurative (a person on a rampage).  Fire is also indicative of leadership and initiative.  The Fire of Spring is all about starting new things.

We note that New Orleans is activated by a Chiron and Neptune crossing.  This can mean many things, ranging from a healing from Katrina to bracing for a hurricane season even worse than the one that brought Katrina.  Whatever the case, we predict New Orleans is a place to watch this year.

Saturn in Scorpio at Midheaven has a line along the northern portion of the West Coast.  We think this may indicate the possibility of more earthquakes, significant earthquakes, in this region this year.  And, more generally, a number of complex activations are lighting up eastern Washington, Idaho, and Western Montanna.  Nevada is part of this mix as well.  We expect a series of complex and important issues to emerge in this region of the country.

Here is the map:

New Moon April US Map 3-29-2013 11-19-37 AM

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While this is not an eclipse, we have a number of eclipses this year.  Jude Cowell has written this excellent piece about the eclipses this year.


  1. Wow! Read your informative piece and almost failed to notice you linked to my 2013 Eclipses list–thanks! And love “the fire of Spring”! jc


    • Thanks for the compliment! As usual, I really like your work, too! I see the Amanda Knox case is active again….


  2. CAN I assume england is not activated ???


    • The only analysis performed this time was for the U.S. A separate analysis for the UK would be needed before any comment could be made one way or the other. (So, , should I do such an analysis?)


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