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Usually I do not write unless I believe I have something profound or clear or both to say.  Nothing seems particularly profound or clear.  (Could be Pisces, especially Mercury Retrograde in Pisces unfavorably aspecting a natal planet of mine.)

But, I will say this: “things” seem a bit weird lately.  Maybe it is just me, or maybe I do not like the idea of a “Black Water Snake” year.  In either case, I offer the following graphic of aspects, courtesy of PAT:

Current Aspects March 5th 3-5-2013 11-29-10 PM

Don’t know what you think, but that looks pretty active to me.

Arguably, something “weird” is happening somewhere at almost any point in time.  It is a bit like “you can fool some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but….”

So, maybe it is just me.  Maybe it is just local to my little corner of the universe.  But, it seems like I am working like hell (the “daytime job”) and, every time I turn around, something breaks or goes wrong.  And, my donkey keeps getting kicked.

(If you do not get the donkey reference, click here.)

Is it just me?  Or has it been that way for you, too?


  1. I don’t think it’s just you. I’m a pretty emotional person, but lately I’ve noticed that my emotional states seemed to be magnified by 10. My dreams have also been really bizarre and I’ve been frequently waking up around 3am. I also don’t feel in tune with my intuition or psychic abilities at all. Any thoughts on what would be the cause of all this?


    • I am not sure of the cause (except maybe “saturn retrograding back towards an exact sextile with pluto,” recently discussed on another post), but my experiences parallel yours. Emotionally, I tend to (usually) be located somewhere between Data and Spock (between an android and a Vulcan), so all this emotional weirdness is a bit, um, unusual for me. That’s not to say that I don’t have emotions, but I have been having the bizarre dreams and waking up at odd times, too.

      To be sure, I have had a life of bizarre dreams and sleep disturbances (my personal curse), but lately they have been “magnified by 10” as you describe it. In simple terms, “me, too!”

      Maybe I will do a piece on this soon, this weekend or next week. I’ll probably also (finally) get to the request you made in January.


  2. yes ; this is not a happy time : I am putting it down to saturn retrograding back towards an exact sextile with pluto …. pluto aspects have loss associated with them


    • I think you are on target. After I wrote this piece, I later discovered “saturn retrograding back towards an exact sextile with pluto.” To be sure, I am achieving certain significant results on my “day job,” but the price seems too high. Do not know if you have heard of this concept before or not, but the price in terms of “tissue.” This comes from certain members of the metaphysics community (and arguably mainstream med could support this, too) that say certain kinds of stress causes tissue damage (meaning permanent tissue damage). I think I am paying a “tissue” price that I would rather not pay, and the dynamics driving it fit perfectly with “saturn retrograding back towards an exact sextile with pluto.” (Some people call this “burning the candle at both ends.” The candle, it turns out, is our physical body, and the price is rarely, if ever, worth it.)


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