New Moon March 2013 (Pisces)

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The New Moon of March 2013 is a Piscean new moon that occurs shortly after the shift from Standard Time to Daylight Savings Time (in the U.S.) and very shortly before the transit of Mars from Pisces into Aries.  We see a massive conjunction at this time punctuated by squares and expect to see a period of explosions, earthquakes and potentially violence similar to the period of early February.  Here is the chart:

New Moon March 2013 (Pisces) 2-23-2013 2-44-00 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Playing with an old Freeware astrology program called Astrolog, we have noticed that the northern coast of Australia will be “affected” by Saturn at this time.  We would not be surprised to see an issue emerge in this part of the world at this time.  The issue is likely to have a combination of a Piscean / Scorpionic nature, and we would not be surprised to see a problem of some kind involving water.  (Could this be a large storm?)

New Moon March 2013 (Astrolog Australia) 3-10-2013 9-36-04 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As a footnote, I wish Solar Fire could produce a graphic like this.  The “planetarium” is “interesting,” but without maps of (at least) the continents, it is very nearly useless.  (Hint, hint: anybody listening?)

Update (3/13): Looks like the New Moon did bring storms to this region.

The area nearest the Saturn point (Darwin) appears hard hit.

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