Mercury Retrograde 2013 (February through March)

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Apparently the Solar Fire Electional search feature (in versions 7 & 8) does not have the ability to identify the beginning and end of retrograde periods.  So, we are using the following sources to identify Mercury retrograde periods for 2013:




We note that source #1 shows Mercury Retrograde as starting at 4:41 am EST on February 23rd and source #3 as the exact moment as 3:41 am EST.  (Of course, we adjust to Central Time since we cast the charts for Plano.)  Since the Daily Planetary Guide says 4:41 EST, we will use that as the tie-breaker.

Update: Tech support has given me a workaround for finding Mercury Retrograde periods using Electional Search:

Electional Search
Choose Coordinates

Transiting point =Mercury
Coordinate type = Long.Speed
Comparison type= <

Comparison value = 0

But, for this post, we will stick with the original analysis.

Here is the chart for the beginning of the retrograde cycle:

Mercury Retrograde Station Feb 23rd 2-15-2013 5-13-40 PM[Click Image to Enlarge]

And the Retrograde period ends on March 17th (St. Patricks Day)

Here is the U.S. Map for this chart.  We note a powerful activation that crosses Houston and central Mexico.  It is a combination of Pluto and an asteroid known for bringing about Justice.  We suspect that this will be a particularly bad time for organized crime entities that are connected to this geography.  Surprises are coming for them.

US Map Mercury Retrograde 2-16-2013 3-15-21 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We see that both the Netherlands and the UK are particularly active, also:

Mercury Retrograde Europe and UK 2-16-2013 3-24-57 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

Australia and New Zealand are highly activated:

Mercury Retrograde Aus-NZ 2-16-2013 3-28-34 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

India is comparatively quiet, except Raipur (and to some degree Delhi):

Merc Retro India 2-16-2013 3-31-51 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is a larger map of Asia at this time:

Mercury Retrograde Asia 2-16-2013 3-42-27 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]



  1. dear grandtrines ,

    you said the uk was activated but not by what things … as I’ve said before I can’t read your charts clearly for the things on the side. …could you please let us know the activators ?

    blessings , Caroline



    • Mercury retrograde strikes: my original answer to you was lost via a computer glitch. (Can I reconstruct it?)

      Ireland is profoundly affected by a crossing of a Saturn (tests, trials, and tribulations) descendant line and cross Node (Karma) ascendant line. This is along the Ireland / Northern Ireland boundary and indicates a possible problem with hostilities and an overdue need for resolution. Note that Mercury makes a direct station on St. Patrick’s Day this year.

      Scotland’s northern edge is touched by a Jupiter line (usually favorable), and a Juno line (trust versus betrayal) goes through Glasgow and the center of Scotland continuing south through Spain and near Madrid.

      My guess is that the “trust” issues between these two have to do with the Euro and difficulties with the Euro.

      Western France is affected by the Saturn line as well, and a Pluto ascendant line crosses it near the border of Spain and France. Potential difficulties between these two countries, UNLESS this is indicating some kind of breakthrough with the Large Hadron Collider. If we do get the breakthrough, the results may not be what the physicists had hoped for but will ultimately provided a solid foundation for future discoveries.

      Whatever the case, big changes are happening in France. (I am getting this from the astrology since I don’t have any really good sources for news in France. Feel free to provide links….)


      • thank you very much : the irish issue is very worrying … however the southwest is not so badly affected as its juno on the midheaven …. seems we have the node , and saturn and juno . I wonder if the libdem coalition with tories ( who r being really mean and cruel at the mo ‘ ) is going to break down . SWest is a liberal stronghold.


      • I don’t know. Not on top of UK politics, but maybe I should be. I think you are about to see a change.


  2. france is one of the major players in the euro and keeping the eec ongoing . the whole institution is in a bit of upheaval at mo


    • I heard, years ago, about a Jigsaw analysis that showed that, from an astrological viewpoint, France was (is) the key player in NATO. So, I suppose that this does not surprise me. I had heard that both the Euro and the Yen have been having difficulties. I think Bank of Japan is going through a major change. (Have not done the astrology; this is just from news reports.)


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