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Lately, I have been posting charts with little commentary.  This is true for several reasons:

  • My words may be misconstrued, but charts and maps speak for themselves
  • Lately, I have not had the time to provide the type of in-depth analysis that I prefer to perform

Tonight, as I write this, I am doing something different.  I am posting commentary with little support from any charts.  I offer only the chart for this commentary, started in the Cazimi period of a very old and almost new moon at the end of The Year of the Water Dragon (the Dragon’s Last Breath):

Black Water Snake Editorial 2-10-2013 1-05-22 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

At the end of a long nap today, quite a few thoughts came to me about this combination of the Chinese New Year for the Year of the Black Water Snake and the upcoming Grand Water Trine.

Typically, I focus on pattern analysis and making at least some attempt at empirical validation of astrology.  In a few private emails, some criticism has been directed at what has been called “fortune telling.”  The criticism is legitimate, given the primary intent of the blog.  Generally, I mix in the interpretation of personal charts because my audience requests them, and they seem to like them.  The same is true for methods such as Arabic Parts which may not have the same grounding that an analysis of patterns (only) would have.

Tonight, I break all the rules.  No empirical grounding or validation of that nature is available for what I have to say.  Indeed, much of it came from intuitions that came to me as I emerged from a nap.  Here are my intuitions (as they came to me this evening):

Regarding Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio:

  • This combination FAVORS power structures.  Some aspects of them may change, but overall this combination will make them STRONGER rather than bring the change that so many desire.  What this configuration brings is precisely what is happening: “marginal” businesses run by once adventurous entrepreneurs are being crushed with the result of those willing to take risk being left unemployed or headed for a job in a “cube” somewhere.  The result in the marketplace is that consumer choice is reduced and wealth is concentrated.If you want your small shops to survive, now is the time to support them.  More than any other astrological combination conceivable, this is the ultimate “rich get richer and poor get poorer” configuration.  This “Robin Hood” steals from the poor (particularly people who cannot pay their mortgages) and gives to the rich (or at least the investment bankers who have received HUGE bonuses the past few years).
  • With an estimated 240 year orbit to cover 12 signs, when Pluto entered Capricorn for 2008, it did not do so for a year or two.  Many astrologers look to exotic variations of tertiary progressions or some such to explain events.  But, this is simple: Pluto (death) entered Capricorn (financial institutions) and a COLLAPSE happened.  No exotic analysis is needed; this is obvious for anyone with eyes to see.All we hear from the media (mainstream, conglomerates) and government (Big Government) is some variation of “now, the recession is over.”NO IT IS NOT!  And, Pluto is going to be in Capricorn until March of 2023.  That’s right, folks, this “recession” will be with us in some form until 2023!
  • Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception makes the recession (and power of a limited few in the government and a limited few in large corporations) with us until December of 2014.  (They will continue long after that, but they are unusually powerful during that period.)  We will continue to experience a few more “tolls of the bell” (paraphrasing Jonathon Cainer regarding Uranus Square Pluto) in 2015 then “things” will seem easier.What this really means is that we will come to have fully accepted our difficulties (to the degree that such difficulties can be accepted).  A new generation that has, either mostly or entirely, only known austerity will emerge.  In personality, they will be similar to the “Depression Babies” of the 20th century.
  • When Pluto finally enters Aquarius in 2023, we will have a new set of problems.  My best guess is a war, a really HOT war, like a World War II style war.  World War II, like it or not, was the “cure” to the Great Depression.  Chances are good, sadly, that history will repeat itself.
  • By 2050, I will likely no longer be here.  (I might not be here in 2023.  Indeed, sometimes I wonder if I even have tomorrow.)  But, to be sure, the world will be very different.  China and India will have risen to power in ways that we only have inklings of at this time.The Big Three will become China, India, and the former Soviet Union.  Much of Western Europe will have functionally become like third world countries, much as they were after World War II.  And, the future of the U.S. is uncertain (at best).  But, a strong risk exists that the United States will become indistinguishable itself from a third world country.  (Given that I consider myself a patriot, I consider this notion offensive.  But, from my vantage point, “things” do not look so good.)

I know that none of this is very cheery, and I know that many of my visitors like to be cheered up.  So, in the future, I will attempt to avoid this type of commentary.  However, I am not yet done for this entry.

The Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake

Arguably, snakes may or may not be “bad” in Chinese legends.  They certainly have a fair amount of wisdom, and they are directly descended (literally) from the Dragon Who Fell to Earth.  (Not to be confused with The Man Who Fell to Earth.)  Also: I refer here to a Chinese legend, rather than this Christian reference.

But, make no mistake about it, black is an unfavorable color in the Chinese mythos, and water is equated with “danger.”  In the swamps of the Southern United States, the “black water snake” is the water moccasin, a poisonous viper known for vicious and unprovoked attacks.  (The referenced article disputes the reputation of aggressiveness; being familiar with the native in question, we disagree.)

To me, engaging in a moment of “fortune telling,” this is a bad omen.  (But not one that is entirely devoid of benefits.)  Together with the knowledge of the upcoming Grand Water Trine, I will hazard the following speculations as POSSIBLE events as “predictions” for The Year of the Black Water Snake (mostly 2013):

  • Favorable: The petrochemical industry will have breakthroughs, some unforeseen.  This could include the location of a previously unknown oil field (possibly larger than any previously located), a better way to get oil out of the ground than the current “fracking” approach, other breakthroughs, or all of these.
  • Unfavorable: An oil disaster, likely offshore and in the Ocean, that eclipses the disaster of the Deepwater Horizon in 2010.
  • Favorable: A breakthrough involving the de-salinization of ocean water into fresh water.
  • Unfavorable: Continued problems in the Mississippi River Valley.
  • Unfavorable: a crime wave and possibly the emergence of a new kind of criminal (just as phishing and identify theft emerged a few years ago).  We will seem to be losing the war against cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorists.  However, this new type of criminal may not use technology at all.  Whatever they may be, they will be unusually nasty (like a pit viper).
  • Unfavorable: data mining, also known as knowledge discovery, will continue to eradicate our privacy, concentrating the power available into the hands of a few.  Sadly, apparently most of us are foolish enough to release this data: we choose to give away our personal habits to save a few pennies with a discount card or some similar data capture device.  Some tragedies may emerge from this (stalkers getting access to sensitive information, etc.).
  • Unfavorable: possibly as a necessary reaction to cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorists, the government will continue to expand its monitoring of our online activites.  Unwittingly, well-meaning individuals may be creating a monster that will devour all of us.  I am specifically referring to this:  Bluffdale.
  • Unfavorable: Will a data center like Bluffdale lead to the emergence of some form of artificial intelligence like that on “Person of Interest“?  Who knows?  But, something new is emerging.  And, our text, email, social media, and other digital artifacts (such as this blog) are feeding it.  Maybe we are nearing the Singularity.  Find a longer version here.
  • Unfavorable: An unforseen and unpredictable event involving toxic waste (Pluto = poison) that affects a large number (millions?) of people, causing massive amounts of death / injury.
  • Finally: the emergence of a leader like the kind Jeanne Dixon believed was born in 1962.

I hesitate to publish the following.  To some people, it will sound very, very crazy.  I will probably lose a few readers over this.  But, I am going to go far out on a high limb, possibly sawing it off behind myself.

(But, you can find a fair amount of this on “The History Channel” and from some of the sources they use for the various Nostradamus shows they produce.  To some degree, I am adding to what is already there.)

Jeanne Dixon believed that the Antichrist was born in 1962.  So far, this prediction has not born fruit.  The prediction is based on several assumptions:

  • The “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are really code for the four fixed signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  In particular, the Quarter Days may be of some significance.  An interesting discussion of the topic can be found here.
  • At least some (if not most) of those who claim to follow Nostradamus claim (1) we will see three Anti-Christs; (2) they will come from the Four Horsemen (representing in each element in the four fixed signs); (3) that Scorpio (fixed water) cannot produce an Anti-Christ because it is “too sensitive”; and (4) that two have already come and gone (Napoleon (Leo, fixed fire) and Hitler (Taurus, fixed earth)).
  • What is left is the third Anti-Christ: an Aquarius (the fixed air sign).  Dixon’s 1962 chart is a perfect fit.

If Dixon’s Aquarian Anti-Christ is going to emerge, he’d better do it soon.  His second Saturn return is coming due, and Hitler’s second Saturn return effectively killed him (from an astrological point of view).  Saturn returns have a way of sweeping away leaders, good and bad.  In fact, most of those predictions (Jeanne Dixon’s) appear to simply be wrong.

(The good, it seems, die young.  Usually at the time of the first Saturn return.)

Let me predict that either one of two things will happen this year: (1) such a leader will emerge (not necessarily born in 1962) or (2) will be born this year.  Frankly,  I lean toward the latter prediction given how the current world events are unfolding.  (We appear to be replicating certain aspects of the early 20th Century, and The Great Depression laid the foundation for the emergence of Hitler, much as the Pluto in Capricorn financial crisis is currently doing for someone similar.)

Is any of this true?  I do not know.  But, for the sake of argument, let us pretend it is.  At this point, I question the assumption that this unknown leader cannot be a Scorpio.  Indeed, the idea that he (or she) will be born as a Solar (or Lunar or both) Scorpio in a year known by the Chinese as the Year of the Black Water Snake when a Grand Water Trine of outer planets is dominant, well, let’s just say that seems as plausible as anything else.

But, then again, this is merely the speculation of Fortune Telling.  And, we have been told not to concern ourselves because he will come like “a thief in the night.”

Maybe this is just as much a miss as Jeanne Dixon’s analysis.

We now resume your regularly semi-scheduled blog.

One last note: I find the Earthquakes in the South Pacific to be a bit worrisome.


  1. I actually found this editorial interesting rather than ridiculous or crazy sounding. I had never heard about Jeanne Dixon or her theories on the Antichrist prior to reading this article. According to the chart he would have 7 planets in Aquarius? You also mentioned that people often die during their first saturn return. I found out saturn is transiting my 8th house for the next 2 1/2 years. Could that possible mean my time is up as well? Or what does it mean when Saturn transits this particular house. I was dreading my return for the longest time, but now that I’ve finally stopped fighting it and accepted all the changes I’m going through I feel more at peace. Thanks 🙂


    • First: sorry I have not had a chance to look at your chart. It is sitting in my queue, and I’ll probably get to it in March.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I worried quite a bit about putting this “out there.” That said, I more precisely said that, among leaders, “the good die young.” And, I further specified that the first Saturn return often takes them. That said, in a sense we all (or most of us) go through a kind of death at the first Saturn return. It is the true death of childhood (and birth of adulthood). Typically this involves a marriage, divorce, birth, or death of someone close. It can involve other major changes. And, sometimes, it does involve actual death. (This seems to be particularly true of people with addictions who do not “get clean.”)


  2. Thanks. I will check back in March. I think the chart I was asking about was the guy I’ve been talking to who has the same birthday as me. . You also mentioned that sometimes you wonder if I even you even have tomorrow. Are you doing ok?


    • I am getting older and that increases unpredictability regarding health issues. Some things seem major but are nothing. Other things sneak up on you (like a “Black Water Snake”). The years spin by ever faster, yet each day is more precious.


  3. Hallelujah. I really enjoyed this. Having read, The Moment of Astrology, and agreed heartily with it, I do not expect “scientism” from my astrological moments 🙂
    ( Nor von Daniken, but you are not that). Also, I practice Tarot (and other) divination. Life is not science, though science is life. I expect some of what you say is wrong, some will unfold in a different manner, some will be right on. And it leads to thought. What else should divination be? Thought provoking. Totally enjoyed and approved of this. As long as you don’t bring in the great pyramid of Giza (grin) I will be avidly reading anything of this sort. The Water Snake/Grand Trine water may be coincidence, but again, thought provoking! Like comparative religion , comparative divination is illuminating. Carry on!


    • First, thank your for your encouragement! Yes, I understand your point and agree. However, I usually separate that approach from this blog. Your approach reminds me more of the approach of the anthropologist and the phenomenologist: immerse yourself in the experience (of the tribe?) to understand, then analyze later (if ever). No doubt that has value. I just tend to be analytical first. But, sometimes, I simply cannot ignore my intuitions and the “Aha!” moment that comes, even if it may prove wrong or (as you say) “unfold in a different manner.” I might add, “unfold in a different manner” sounds like the wording I would use to describe how things happen so often. Thanks, again, for the encouragement!


      • Most welcome:) I agree with your analogy, immerse then analyze. Being a triple earth sign, with a lot of Libra, I sometimes wonder which I am doing first, or sometimes if I am pogo sticking through it all.


      • We are who we are. From one vantange point (not a metaphysical one), we are all problem solving neural nets looking for problems to solve. If a “real” one does not exist, then we create one. But, since we live in a sea of similar “problem solving neural nets,” we collectively do a fine job of supplying problems to our brethren. Each time we “solve” a problem (or “fail” to do so), we change a bit. And, regardless of what we do or do not “solve,” we change anyway (aging). Metaphysics (and religion) can give us hope that all this does not vanish at the death of our tissues. And, so, we pogo away.


  4. I am very sorry people have been getting at you.Astrology is NOT fortune telling and well worth while as anyone with some astro knowledge knows from experience
    unfortunately charts and maps only really speak for themselves to people who have some understanding of the language :this is why commentary is essential. You are worth listening to when you have time to provide this
    charts can be drawn up even by infant astrologers on the astrodienst site very easily , so mere provision is insufficient when you have experience you can divulge !
    this is frustrating
    you are quite right about saturn backing up pluto at the mo’, but it won’t do so forever – and it will do so in different ways later
    I think pluto will shift into a more regenerative modesome time after 15or 20 ?degrees as well : its not just death but also rebirth a bit …I Think the wwar will come much sooner and pluto may be involved in some new power structures as a form of reconstruction late on in capricorn … and in aquarius I think/ hope the humanitarianism of this sign will click in …
    I think you are quite right about china russia and india – they are already flexing their muscles
    I think this uranus pluto square will get rid of the 4th Reich which has overtaken american power structures and eaten the democracy from the inside out and I’m not sure what will replace it – mafiosi like russia ???
    This is very interesting and I like it (more please) and I can’t comment on all of it !
    I think the earthquakes are HAARP activity and I think there is already a covert war going on in this way …
    The oil disaster is already happening , and its the tar sands in canada I saw some of it in a programme about wolves last week :its horrific
    I think the pluto toxic deaths you talk of will occur as a result of the chemtrails -evidence of which is coming out into the open it seems the most likely way for the outcome to occur
    I think you should do this more often !


    • Thank you for the encouragement. At the risk of sounding like a “broken record” (that metaphor has little meaning to anyone under 40 these days), I constantly make an effort to be “objective” as part of my unofficial mission statement for this blog. But, past a point, astrology requires a certain amount of intuitive processing. I use the word “intuitive” cautiously here because I read quite a bit of hokum about it. I am not referring to “intuition” in the sense of “psychic abilities.” That may or may not be true, but if you are truly “psychic” then why do you need an astrology chart? It is a bit like the Emperor in the Star Wars sequence: he had no need for a “light saber” because he could directly channel the force without the need for any intermediary.

      The way I use the word “intuitive,” here, is more closely akin to the visual / simultaneous processing that has been often associated with the right side of the brain. (But, the left/right side of the brain discussions are often incorrect, also. Does language “live” in the left hemisphere of right-handers? Usually, but poetry tends to “live” more (but not entirely) in the right hemisphere. Other examples abound.)

      Looking at charts, certain patterns tend to leap out, and this can be true for any of several reasons. Sometimes it is based in experience and learning to “get it right.” I think that’s what “we” hope for, and I know it is what I hope for. But, it can be driven by cognitive biases, notably priming, hindsight bias, and confirmation bias. Skeptics would argue that any astrologers who are not frauds are operating entirely out of cognitive biases. I disagree. I know that, sometimes, I do see accurate predictions of the future in the charts, and what I see is not always entirely obvious (to others). Most (>99%) of my work (meaning astrological analysis) has been for myself and is never disclosed to anyone else. (And, as much as possible, I obviate accusations of fraud by refusing to charge and refusing to accept public recognition.) Although I have no way of confirming this to readers, actually I tend to be fairly accurate in these private analyses of mine. More than once I knew what days to stay home. This kind of thing has happened more than a few times for me. But, since I cannot confirm that to readers, I just don’t mention it. Why would they care, anyway?

      And, to the dismay of some, my gift seems to be in seeing (or foreseeing) disasters and difficult situations. I liken the astrology to being like driving down the road with headlights and being able to see the potholes, as opposed to not seeing them. Whether or not you have headlights, and use them, the potholes will still be there.

      Indeed, someone I know quite well knows just how accurate I can be, and they asked me to stop telling them. They said that they prefer the surprises. So, unless I think that the danger is just too great (i.e. Mars OPP Mars, Mars OPP Pluto, etc.), I don’t tell them anymore. I note, also, that some people want to only hear about the road and not the potholes. That’s ok until you get a broken axle. Regardless, my magic seems to be in seeing the potholes.

      Speaking of potholes, this particular Mercury Retrograde period is extra-ordinarily dangerous to me (personally) on multiple levels. I saw it manifest tonight when I was driving on LBJ (aka “635,” the main loop around Dallas) and a large amount of concrete and rebar fell in front of me. Some idiot construction worker (I assume) screwed up (I am not paranoid enough to believe that he was an assassin) and dumped a rather large amount of this garbage in front of me on the highway into traffic moving 60 to 70 MPH. My car hit some of it (miraculously not damaged, still do not know how that worked) and I did a slalom (literally) through the rest. I could easily have been killed. But, I simply cannot stay home until after March 17th. (If I thought I could, I would.) If the blog goes silent….

      Admittedly, I do tend to publish the charts and maps with minimal comments. (Usually comments about the potholes. And sometimes about the rebar. 🙂 ) I really would rather stick with the highest quality analysis that I can render, in the fewest amount of words, rather than take more risks (of being wrong) with more words and more details.

      But, I do attempt to be responsive to my readers. Maybe you are right: maybe I should include more analysis.


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