Full Moon, February 2013

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Here is the Full Moon Chart for February, 2013:

Full Moon Feb 2013 2-3-2013 9-40-38 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]



  1. oh no not another chart with no commentary _ please give us some clues ! (pearls xxx)


    • Well, [smile], apparently some people like using my commentary as their own work without giving me credit for what I have done! (Not you.) For DFW, this chart has an 8th house stellium. Locally, we have a large dispute brewing about taxes, and the 8th house is the house of taxes. We are known for our talent / position / leadership in the petrochemical industry, particularly oil & gas, and those are 8th house issues, too.

      Pisces dominates this chart, and Jupiter in Gemini forms a large mutable T-Square with the Sun (Pisces) and Moon (Virgo). People born on this day will have a significant and ongoing conflict with work/play (work/life?) balance. More generally, this full moon is about endings. A great deal of work needs to be done to clear out old situations at this time, and this spring, to make way for what the Grand Water Trine will bring this summer.

      Quite frankly, some of this work may be rather mundane and boring, but Pisces brings us a chance to play and dream if we choose to take it. If we do nothing but play and dream, then we will not be ready for what is coming soon. The trick is to balance the two.


  2. this bit ….. More generally, this full moon is about endings. A great deal of work needs to be done to clear out old situations at this time, and this spring, to make way for what the Grand Water Trine will bring this summer. …..

    this has proved (and is I can see) very true for me . so I am now listening to the getting ready bit .
    Thank you very much xxx

    more on what the trine is bringing wd be great – esp. if you did a chart for bristol uk to talk about – however brief ! I respect your experience


    • I like the idea of doing charts & maps for the UK, but I am not sure that I follow your request. One idea might be to search for aspects that cause a Solar Maps activation of Bristol. Sounds fun, but I do not know how to coax Solar Fire into doing something like that, or even IF Solar Fire (in its current version) can do something like that. Maybe the SF developers will think about creating some form of map search like that in Version 9. (Anybody listening?)


      • no idea what doing a solar maps activation means !


      • When an aspect culminates, a pattern occurs, or any other time for that matter, certain planets are rising, setting, at midheaven (MC, the top of the sky), or the IC (essentially the bottom, underneath us, though apparently some debate exists as to what this last point means).

        Somewhere on the planet Earth, each planet is doing one of those four things (along with a number of other things, such as house entries). Solar Maps (now a part of Solar Fire) can draw a map with lines that indicate where this is happening. For example, if Saturn is setting, then it is on the 7th house cusp of marriages, relationships, and (!) “open enemies.” Since Saturn is generally associated with “tests, trials, and tribulations,” were such a line to be across (or sufficiently “near”) Bristol, then Bristol would be “activated.” (That means that Bristol, collectively, might experience some Saturnine event or period of difficulty.)

        In fact, such a line occurs once a day, every 24 hours. On most days, the effects are minor. Many years ago, I conducted an informal study. Whenever the phone would ring, or I would see a traffic delay, or whatever caught my attention, I would see a planet in an “angular” position (one of these four: rising, setting, MC, or IC). I vividly recall witnessing a theft, arguably a robbery, and the chart I cast for that time showed a void moon rising in Gemini. This “coincidence” of an angular planet being associated with an event was virtually a certainty when two or more events happened together. (i.e. If the phone rang at the same time someone knocked on the door, I always saw an angular planet. Out of 20 or 30 such charts, I saw maybe one exception. What particularly fascinated me was how many “non-believers” and “skeptics” chose to dial the phone at the moment a planet, frequently Mercury or the Moon, became angular. If I was not convinced regarding astrology prior to this, this did the trick.)

        Since we see forty (40) occurrences a day (10 planets x 4 positions), you’ll note that most of them have no meaning for most of us. Yet some of us are affected, it seems, by some of them some of the time. I suspect that the ones that affect us are somehow interacting with something else, perhaps a natal chart planetary position.

        Regardless, one way to look for sensitive points geographically is to cast a chart for an event or pattern (patterns are trickier because sometimes they take hours or even days to culminate, potentially rendering maps useless) and to look for these lines.

        So, for example, let’s say we have a chart for the exact moment of the full moon. I cast it for where I live because I am “swimming” in that particular local energy. And, not much of anything may be happening there. BUT, if I look to the lines (four (4) for each planet), I may find geographic points that are “sensitive” to this energy at this time. Lest you think that we are overwhelmed by the forty lines, let me remind you that 70% of the planet is covered by water, and only ocean-going vehicles in the vicinity are affected by those 70% (roughly) of the lines. For any given pattern, about twelve (12, on average) lines are useful across the face of the world.

        What I was posing in my comment was a different way to do this that seems interesting to me. Imagine, for a moment, that instead of searching for, say, eclipses and then casting a chart and seeing where the lines are, we could search based on a particular geography, say Bristol, and have the software indicate when a line associated with, say, a full moon, would affect Bristol. To my knowledge, neither Solar Fire nor Solar Maps can perform such a search. (Geography -> time, rather than time -> geography)


      • This is a brilliant reply , very clear, and very helpful and Thank you for taking the time . Now I understand your idea it sounds really good. I cast charts for bristol obv. , as you do for your locale , and I think the best way to convince people is to do their lunar returns and then see where the moon was when something happens but it only works with an accurate tine of birth . There is a hit or cusp crossing every time. My electric fan fire went bang recently when the moon was crossing from the 5th house to the 4th on the cusp and conjunct pluto. I have even done it with personal asteroids , an unexpected meeting being 10mins from the moon conjunct their asteroid.

        So your “software would be an “alarm” system for a place for eg lunations.

        in the absence of such , can you see if anything is affecting the SWest of england when you do things and mention it ! even if only briefly!

        You are talking 7th house & Saturn as if there were a particular thing here – is this past or future ? I think you mean this past lunation , 25th in which case it applied to me.

        Happy Mother’s Day xxx ( moon conjunct my lunar return neptune and venus when my daughter gave me my card and presents !) …( in my natal 10th house – f/time mum = career )

        I think you are quite right the people it affects are people who have a natal chart and /or a lunar return chart -possibly a solar return chart – “event” such as a house change or conjunction at the same minute


      • I agree regarding lunar returns. Actually, I check all the houses of the moon in my own personal chart, but I especially look at Moon in the 12th (of the regular chart), Moon in the Solar 12th (the 30 degrees prior to my natal Sun), and, of course, the lunar return.

        I have seen certain people who would choose not to have anything to do with me MOST of the time but repeatedly show up during Moon in my 12th. Almost always these people were typically sources of difficulty, and usually they were deceitful and treacherous.

        The Sun hitting these points is a big deal, too. Apparently, you have not seen the original Grand Trines site I designed a number of years ago. It is on Tripod, and Tripod tends to be a bit spammy with popups and such. But, I put it on Tripod so it would be hosted indefinitely. (WordPress was either not in existence or nowhere near its current form.) On that site, I introduced my system, called SUMO. (SUMO = the Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles). SUMO is a four-tiered interpretative system that starts with elements such as lunar returns and works outward from personal planets into generational planets. (Of course, you can do it backwards and achieve precisely the same result.) Also, in order to account for the blind spots that we all have, SUMO uses multiple oracles: the work of other astrologers is integrated as well as non-astrological sources.


        Going there to peek at it, I noted that, somehow, “Webring” hijacked and redirected my browser. A second time around I was able to see the original site. Given this state of affairs, along with the fact that I am unsure of the original password, I suggest you use a proxy or other similar mechanism to protect yourself from any weirdness that might happen. As I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I am the author of that content, but I no longer have control over whatever it is that is happening there. You will note that the last update was in 2005, and I have obviously published more about the details of my approach (indeed, the approach itself has changed) here at the WordPress site.

        You may also be interested in http://grandtrines.tripod.com/Geographic%20Astrology.htm
        (Same warning about popups / webring hijacking applies.)

        Here is an excerpt, written about the advantage of three dimensional models as opposed to two dimensional models (such as “Astro * Carto * Graphy” or Solar Maps):

        “Power Points are sources of “Easter Eggs.” That is, if a “native” goes there, to a Power Point derived from your birthdata) the chances are good that you will have some kind of major transformative experience. (Power Points can be located by the freeware software Astrolog.) Most Power Points are in the ocean (70% of the Earth’s surface), so if you have any on land (meaning that you can visit them) then those points can become quite significant.”

        I do not know of a way to display these 3D models on a webpage such as WordPress. And, only recently have I seen such a tool in Solar Fire. (However, Astrolog has had the ability to do it since the 1990’s. http://www.astrolog.org/astrolog.htm Just be aware that Astrolog is not really a good tool for a beginner. It was written back in the day when people still believed that having case-sensitive commands was a good idea, and it has not been updated since 1998.)

        Regarding Saturn & the 7th House Cusp: this is a well-known source of problems. Horary astrologers particularly pay attention to it:

        “Lilly advises that the astrologer be wary when the cusp of the 7th house is afflicted, or the planet ruling that house is retrograde or otherwise afflicted (in its fall, or terms of a malefic, for instance). Except when the astrologer asks a question for himself (in which case she is ruled by the 1st), the 7th house, as the house of “other people,” rules the astrologer, and an affliction can indicate difficulty reading the chart, or mistaken analysis. Astrologers, especially traditional horary astrologers, always prick up their ears when Saturn is in the 7th.”

        Source: http://mithras93.tripod.com/lessons/lesson1/lesson1.html


      • Regarding an example of what I would LIKE to see Solar Fire do, read this: https://grandtrines.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/new-moon-march-2013-pisces/ Note the map of Australia. (You will have to click on it to see it.) I wish (1) Solar Fire could search for events like this by geography (city, state, country) rather than time and (2) produce a map like this that shows the planet (specifically) over (under? square?) to a locality and then (3) produce a chart (and maybe other results) for the event.

        (Maybe I am thinking about this in the wrong way. Maybe it does not have to be SF. Does someone “out there” know of a tool that can do this?)


  3. I think you should put this explanation on the site somewhere so it doesn’t get lost


    • I thought about that. I think you are right. Maybe later tonight, or in the next day or two, I will do that.


  4. […] EarthSky.org calls this a “micro-moon,” noting that it precedes an Eclipse on March 20th and a “Blood Moon” on April 4th.  We start our analysis by noting that another yod is in play!  (A yod featured prominently the recent new moon that precedes this full moon.  Also: here is the FM from March of 2014, the Aries / Libra FM of March 2013, and the equivalent Pisces / Virgo FM in February of 2013.) […]


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