Groundhog Day 2013: Square Key

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Groundhog Day of 2013 is marked by the appearance of a Square Key:

Square Key of Feb 2, 2013 1-25-2013 10-19-04 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

What does this mean?  The combination of squares and inconjuncts will leave people with a feeling that they “need to act.”  The squares will not let people sit still, but the inconjuncts (quincunxes) will leave people with a sense of dissatisfaction regarding whatever they do, or do not, accomplish.

Noteworthy, also, is the Thor’s Hammer (aka “God’s Fist”) that precedes this formation on February 1st.  Moon is at apex of the Thors Hammer while Jupiter and Chiron are on each leg.

Thors Hammer Feb 1 2013 1-26-2013 5-50-59 AM

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

The Thor’s Hammer may produce rash action (if not an explosion).  The Square Key will color the reactions which will likely be ineffective or misguided.

Update: After the fact events:


  1. Thanks for posting this thread. I recently found I have one of these thingamajiggers in my chart (Merc/Jup/Pluto/Sun 8th, square Moon 5th, both sides 135 degrees to my Asc). Fun in a box. Did you come up with any more info regarding this chart pattern? As a side note, these ssq aspects combined with some inconjuncts give me this purty little 5 pointed star composed of the fists and fingers (yods) of God, if a little crooked. I’ve never found any info on that configuration, either.


    • Maybe I should do a chart analysis for you. (Unfortunately, I am very busy currently and might not get to it until March, or later.) That said, the focus of this blog is the analysis and exploration of astrological patterns (and cycles). Not much seems to have been written on the analysis of patterns in astrology, so I perform charts on events & people that focus on patterns. Ideally, this exploration will identify characteristics of patterns that are not yet known (or publicly known.) (I say publicly known because some people choose not to share their research publicly, especially if it has monetary value.) What do you mean by “this purty little 5 pointed star composed of the fists and fingers (yods) of God”?


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