Natal Chart for lrc

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Reader LRC asks the following:

I’m a woman born in New York. My rising sign is Aries and my sun sign is scorpio. I think I am just coming out of my saturn return and it has been a doozy with drastic and painful changes – moving, divorce, unemployment, physical attack and significant spiritual and psychological development. Things are starting to look up but knowing that Saturn is moving into scorpio, a very significant influence for me, has me more than terrified that I am headed into another 2.5 year chapter of doom and gloom. Is the worst behind me (for now), or can I begin to let myself hope for better things?

Natal Chart for lrc


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Many of the visitors to this blog have clusterings of planets in Scorpio and Libra.  This is true for your chart as well.   You have a 7th house stellium which means that you are highly focused on relationships.  You certainly have conflicts with others, and you may have been involved in some lawsuits.  You have Chiron in Taurus in the 2nd house, so finances can be quite a struggle for you.

Saturn is not finished with you, but you are now in a place where old things have been (mostly) cleared away.  You can now build anew, and you should.  You have a few years to establish yourself, and about seven more to reap the benefits of the foundation that you need to build now.  After that, you will be experiencing a new set of changes and challenges.

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