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Earlier this year, Faye wrote:

Hi There, my bday is 10/10/78 my mom says I was born just before 8am CPT South Africa, so I figure I’m scorpio rising ( have traits and all) also have scorpio in mars, venus and uranus and libra in pluto! Saturn and libra has been beyondd challenging…. [edit] My Q is how much worst is saturn in scorpio gonna be for me! Exhausted, petrified and saddened by it all!!!

Here is here natal chart:

Faye 12-26-2012 4-32-07 PM[Click to Enlarge]

You do have an interesting chart, given your 12th house stellium (cluster of four or more planets, at least two of which are NOT personal planets) and Sun conjunct Pluto (exact) in the 11th house of friends, surprises, (and sometimes bribes).  With Jupiter in the 10th and near Midheaven (universities, legal system, and sometimes churches), you should consider a career at a university or in the courts.  Depending on your background and abilities, you might should consider being a teacher or an attorney.  The asteroid Astraea is also present in the 10th, and that points in the direction of the legal system.

The 12th house stellium indicates that you will tend to be involved with institutions, but you can (at least potentially) choose which ones.  Univeristies or courts might be preferable to jails or mental health facilities for you.  You do have to be careful regarding addictions, whether your own or people who are close to you.

I suspect that the energy of the legal system has come to you rather than you coming to it.  If that is true, you should at least consider a shift in career that allows you to harness that energy to benefit you.


  1. Hi There, Thank you. This is strange, I’ve been considering studying law parttime, but merely due to me always be interested in it. With my pending divorce I’ve been in and out of courts. Could you perhaps give me more insight other than just my career. Saturn in Libra has been tough….. Hoping that it woulkd ease up on my rising. Thanks again.


    • Roughly 2006 or 2007, you went through your first saturn return. The pattern of losses you experienced began about that time. In about a year, Saturn conjoined the North Node, and you faced some particularly difficult challenges. What happened seemed like fate, and your struggles to maintain seemed impossible. By 2009, a series of dominoes were tumbling. Roughly 2010 (or 2011) Saturn entered your 12th house, and you likely made a series of bad decisions. You might can see that they were bad decisions in hindsight, but your vision is not yet fully clear. By the end of 2013, transiting Saturn will touch your Natal Mars and Uranus. During this period, you will have to focus on your safety. I suggest that you make this your main focus during this period. You may meet a man to whom you are strongly attracted, but the chances are good that this will be a “rebound” relationship (and he may even be dangerous). After Saturn crosses your ascendant, probably in 2014, you will enter a “quiet period” during which you can go to school and pursue a new career, if you wish.


      • Thanks but GEES does it ever ‘let-up’??? Does life ever get ‘simple’ or easy!!!


      • You are asking a profound question to which many people would give many answers. And, the answers of any given person would change over time and over their life. We all carry different burdens though some of us share certain similarities. Those similarities make astrology (and other fields of study) possible.

        Once a plant has conjoined your moon, in Capricorn, it proceeds through a series of oppositions until it reaches Chiron in Taurus. A shift occurs when it touches Chiron, then the oppositions resume until the planet touches your natal Jupiter in Leo. During these oppositions you will experience halts in progress, and some of these may actually provide some sense of relief. Once the conjunctions start again (starting with your natal Jupiter in Leo), then shifts to new cycles between the transiting planet and the natal planets start again. With the Moon, you go through this every 28 days. With the Sun, this is an annual cycle. Mercury and Venus are also annual cycles, but have some variability due to retrogrades. Mars is a two year cycle, and it varies by retrogrades also. From Jupiter out, you are dealing with longer term life issues.

        Each aspect usually contains a window of opportunity. Traditional astrology saw most aspects as being a bit like potholes in the road of life. Astrology pointed out where the potholes were, and sometimes you could avoid them. (Other times you could only brace yourself.) Much 20th century astrology presented the view that the aspects were “learning experiences.” (However, I have had such “learning experiences” where nothing was available to be learned beyond merely gritting through the pain.) My own view is a bit of a mix of both. Certain aspects at certain points in life are merely difficult and not much seems to be learned unless you believe that you are “learning” by experiencing “karma.” Others really are genuine learning opportunities. And, still others are the rare “brass ring” that sometimes comes around only once in life.

        The choices you make now do lay a foundation for how the energies manifest in the future. Choose wisely.


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