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Evie (refer to this post, much earlier this year) has requested an analysis of her chart with her friend’s chart.  We note that, for reasons that baffle us, the Ascendant produced by Astrolog 5.4 is rather different from that produced by SolarFire 7.1.  We have decided to use the SolarFire results as the “right” ones.

(We don’t rely as heavily on the houses as many other astrologers, so the effect on interpretation has been negligible.  In fact, in the August analysis earlier this year, we did not depend upon the houses at all.)

Here is Evie’s chart, re-done in SF 7.1:

Evie (SF 71) 12-21-2012 2-14-05 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that Evie has a large number of squares.  This gives here plenty of energy and the ability to “get things done.”  On the negative side, she can frequently find herself in a bit of conflict with others.

Here is Evie’s friend’s chart, done in SF 7.1:

Evie's Friend (re-do) 12-21-2012 2-51-01 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Evie’s friend has a few squares, also.  But, what really stands out is Chiron opposite Pluto.

Here is the Synastry grid for them together:

Evie Synastry 2 12-21-2012 2-54-47 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

In terms of Karmic links, we see his Moon conjunct her Pluto.  He is able to trigger significant issues regarding power and control for her.  Her Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine his Sun, benefiting him greatly.  His Mars squares her Sun and Mercury, bringing conflict.  But, his Mars also trines her Venus.  The relationship might have an “on again, off again” quality.  Here is a bi-wheel showing his relationship to her:

Evie Biwheel 12-21-2012 3-01-09 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Given his Jupiter conjunct her node, we see that money tends to flow in one direction, probably from him to her.  Evie: Is this guy a “Sugar Daddy”?


  1. Thank you for this, GT. You are absolutely right about my energy level and getting things done. I came into this life with alot of energy and a lot of anger(Indigo child?) I’m also really high-strung and frequently at conflict with EVERYONE in my life, like you mentioned. No this man isn’t my sugar daddy. I guess it could appear that way because of the age difference. You are also right about the ‘on again off again’ quality to the relationship. When I first met him I felt like I had known him all of my life. Something I hadn’t experienced in my prior relationships. By looking at the chart would you say it’s a soulmate or karmic connection?


    • You do have his Moon conjunct your Pluto and your Moon trine his Neptune. This would likely be the connection.

      This is not as tight a karmic connection as, say, you having your Moon to his Pluto and his Moon to your Pluto.

      The method I was taught of determining karmic relationships is based on reciprocal relationships of personal planets to generational planets. Conjunctions are the strongest. But, the Moon trine Neptune can work, so I do see some possibilities based on the relationships that I outlined in the post. I also count 15 trines, a fairly large number. The trines help stabilize your squares and may give you some needed focus. This is not necessarily “karmic” but is (usually) beneficial.


  2. Also does Chiron opposite Pluto standout because it’s rare placement to have?


    • Yes. Certainly he was born in a group of people that had that, and it does happen about once (up to three times near each other if retrogrades permit) every 25 years or so. (Chiron has a 50 year orbit and Pluto a 240 year orbit.)

      He has an interesting chart in some other ways, too. He has Sun and Neptune “near” each other. This can manifest several different ways. He can be intuitive, possibly psychic. He can be a criminal. He can be both. Or, he can be a poet, lyricist, or musician. Or, he can be a drunk or drug addict. He could be a mix of these things. And, all of this is in Scorpio, in the latter part of the sign, so it is very intense. He is likely an intense individual, but maybe in some ways a different kind of intensity from your collection of squares. I note that his Neptune is on your 7th house cusp (relationships, marriage, and open enemies), and he may fire your imagination and creative side.


      • Don’t know that you want to hear anymore boring details, but this is all VERY accurate. He is actually very intuitive/psychic(healing abilities as well). I am the same way. And I always thought that was strange considering I’m an Aries. He owns his own business and as far as I know he’s not a criminal. He does look and give off a gangster vibe though. He is deeply intense/serious and used to drink, many many years ago. . You are also right about him ‘firing my imagination and creative side.’ I always get the urge to write after we spend time together. In fact, I’ve kept a journal about the entire relationship for the past three years. Thanks again, this chart really helped me understand this relationship better. I am definitely going to continue to follow your blog. . .


      • Thanks for the feedback! It helps! Yes, the journal and the writing are great ways to tap into the inspiration that his Neptune can provide. Feel free to ask more questions. And, thanks for being patient regarding the variation in my schedule. Sometimes I can do things quickly, and other times it is a few months away.


  3. GT,
    You mentioned that I had several squares in my natal chart. Would these squares be the cause of all of my intense emotions, fiery temper, and inner emotional turmoil I experience on a daily basis?Or is this just an Aries thing? Thanks.


    • [Smile.] Yes. (The squares can do it, and solar Aries tends to have it, and you have BOTH! But, I was really speaking of your many squares!) You can learn to harness this….


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