Ginni’s Natal Chart

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In August of 2012, reader Ginni wrote the following:


Here I am writing to you once again. Thanks for co-operating the last time. I got carried away and wrote too much.

I believe Saturn has majorly started effecting my life from 4 Aug 2012. I guess, it will stay so for the next 7.5 years. As they say according to Indian astrology, it is called “sadesati”. It is also said that the first 5 years will be worse and last 2.5 years will be good.

My current life scenario is:
My marriage is going thru a rough patch.
I have started to study masters.

My DOB is 21 Feb 1979, Wed, 04.15 (AM); Time Zone: GMT+5.30hrs , Ahmadnagar, (Latitude: N 19° 5′ 23.9676″ Longitude: E 74° 44′ 40.308″); Asc: Sagittarius.

1. Will my marriage last? Will I get out of this? Is there a separation or divorce?
2. Do u see any other association right now? How long do u see this association?

3. Will I switch job in the near future? Will I make more money as compared to current earning?
4. Will I always have a source of income?

5. Are there any indication of migrating to a foreign country? If yes, when?
6. Are the next 5 years troublesome?

7. When is or when was the best period of my life?

Is Saturn always causing neagtive impact?

Hoping to hear from u soon.


Ginni’s request is suitable for a Vedic astrologer, but we do not use Vedic techniques here at Grand Trines.  So, we will answer the questions that the chart seems to give us.  Here is the chart:

[click to enlarge]

Ginni is a few years past her Saturn return, and, among other things, that means that she has become an adult in astrological terms.  As is true for the majority of us, she likely had a turning point between the ages of 28 and 30, and this may be when she initiated the marriage in question.  More recently, between 12 and 24 months ago, Saturn touched her natal Pluto.  This is a highly transformative event, and she could not ignore what happened at this time.  (This would be our second choice for guessing when her marriage occurred, unless she had it planned by an astrologer.)  She has since started graduate school and is unsure what direction her life is heading.

The next “big” event will be when Saturn conjoins her natal Uranus.  We expect this to happen in the next 12 to 18 months, probably towards the end of 2013.  If she could have completed her Masters degree by that time, then this would be good.  The events that happen will likely take her by surprise, and they will make completion of a program difficult if not impossible.  If graduation is targeted for Spring of 2014, then she needs to have contingency plans in place, such as the possibility of independent study if needed.

One benefit of this period is that she can develop very “strong” ideas at this time.  If she collaborates with a professor to produce publications that list her as a co-author, then this could be very much to her benefit.  After this, she has some peace from the effects of Saturn until it comes to touch her moon (this is a few more years away).  To be certain, that is another difficult period, and can be associated with the end of a marriage (if her marriage has survived so far) or the death of a parent.  Also, Saturn is beginning to “set,” and she needs to find a “home” in terms of her career (and retirement planning) by this time.

Natal Chart for Jill B

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In August of 2012, reader Jill B posted the following query, along with her natal data:

Grandtrines –

I read that the North nodal axis is moving into Scorpio. That will be my first house.
Since i am also heading for my Saturn return , Do i to continue doing my Job?
Or move to university to study? Can you see which country will use my potential?

Or totally change my nature of work from Information Technology to business or management side?

I always liked living in Norway.

Here is Jill’s natal chart:

[Click to Enlarge]

As of this writing, you recently had your annual Solar Return.  Some of your questions have been answered by now, and my analysis may be moot.  Each year, the 30 days preceding our birthday, our “Solar 12th House,” proves to be a period of difficulty.  We make mistakes and often bad choices, the “self undoing” associated with the 12th house.  You have likely been through this recently.

Most of your chart is below ground.  Regardless of anything else, this leaves you often secretive.  Indeed, one of your problems can be enmeshment in the “gossip network.”  Be careful of letting others make your decisions for you by whispering half-truths into your ear.  Often they will cut you off from your best opportunities, and, tragically, you will believe that they are doing you a favor as they do so.  Pick your friends carefully.

With the Sun at 29 degrees, much of your life feels like fate.  You ARE able to make your own decisions, but you have to make an extra effort to be a truly autonomous decision maker.   You are faced with powerful struggles in this regard, and the 8th house Piscean moon reveals secrets to others that you would rather not be revealed.
It also creates a danger that you will squander any inheritance that comes your way.   Prudence in this area is especially important for you.  If you inherit cash, consider rolling it into a retirement fund or some similar approach rather than “taking a vacation” etc.

Now, to your specific questions.

Uranus at 15 Leo in the first house is your calling to the Tech Sector.  You will always have skill here (as long as you are of sound mind).  Some people may view you as a bit quirky, and the “quarter days” are something you should pay attention to.  (Samhain, upcoming, is circa November 7th.  Do not be surprised if Nov 7/8 is a turning point for you this year.  And, by “quarter days,” I am not referring specifically to traditions in the British Isles.  I am referring to the calendar days that correspond specifically to 15 degrees of each fixed sign.)

You have Pluto in the 1st as well.  Needless to say, this is difficult.  You simply cannot stop transforming yourself, and the experience is not always pleasant for yourself or anyone near you.

As to whether you should attend a University or go to Norway, I cannot quite see from this chart.  Both of those would have to do with 9th house involvement, and your 9th house appears to be intercepted.  I question how much weight to put on interceptions, but they do make interpretation a bit more tricky.  What I can say is that transiting Uranus is dancing about your 9th house cusp.  And, Uranus is obviously important to you.  So, this is your window to do something like University study, travel abroad, or other 9th house activities.  I will refrain from giving you specifics because I do not know enough about your personal situation.  But, you do have a window here, and it should be open for roughly a year or so.  Choose wisely.

Taking a peak at your US map (below), I note the following: Boston = Mercury (very good for education); Philadelphia = Uranus (amplifies your 1st house issues; good for ideas & technology but maybe a little dangerous); Virginia & North Carolina: Coastal Regions = Neptune (good for poetry and photography, should you ever turn that direction; amplifies your Moon & any related issues).

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